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1 day estimated (1 day guaranteed) >

I am a Professional voice over actor with a top notch recording studio and I would love to record whatever you need me to, up to 125 words, for $4!

I will deliver any voiceover within 24 hours of your order. ONE DAY DELIVERY!

--->  Check out my portfolio- soundcloud.com/paulskyecloud  <---

Hired by Pandora, Ben & Jerry's, and Ikea, to name a few, I am the perfect voice for YOUR project. Contact me now to see what I can do for you.

Discounts Available:

First time buyers: 50 words for free - please mention discount promo code

Returning Customers: for every 25 orders you get 1 gig for free!

One project per order

  1. Voiceover
  2. TV or Radio Commercial
  3. Voice Over
  4. YouTube Video
  5. Explainer Video
  6. Whiteboard Video
  7. Sync audio to video
  8. Add Music to any voice over
  9. Advertising
  10. Smartphone Apps
  11. VOIP
  12. IVR
  13. Voicemail Greetings
  14. On hold Messages
  15. Commercials
  16. Brand Awareness
  17. Target Marketing
  18. Narration
  19. North American
  20. Internet Programs  
  21. Business Training tutorials
  22. Audio Book Narration
  23. Internet Product launch
  24. Websites welcome pages
  25. Power Point Presentations

Basically- you need something recorded I am your guy!

Files are delivered as 320Kbps mp3 unless a gig is ordered for .wav

Disclaimer might be a short delay on US holidays or weekends.

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