I'll Fix Your Schema Markup, Geotarget 10 .jpg Images!

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Small marissa prs page1 rented
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Save time! And let me do the Semantic and Geo targeted Images work for you through the strongest schema markup plugin there is on the market today.

Buy this and let my do the work on your own or your client sites today and increase you're love from Google and their crawling bots for better indexing and higher rankings.

You can bill your client high dollars on a monthly basis and make a good profit on this work.


- Watch your site Climb up on google serp's in a short amount of time.

- When you see and are satisfied with the results you will never use another semantic / image geo targeting service ever again.

Watch your client On page Semantic "Schema Markup" SEO increase your rankings.

Watch your images rank in google searches.

So what can this work do for you?


  • This will get Brand New Domains Indexed & Ranking In Days, Avoiding Sandbox.
  • I will Create at least 10 Geo-Tagged Images when possible.
  • I will Create a default JSON-LD Schema Markup that fits your site Local business or ecom products etc.
  • I will add star rate review possibility widget so that your customers can give reviews that matters.
  • I will install and setup the schema data for you on your wordpress site. After that you will never have to think about it again for that site.  I will need the following data from you. Before/While setting this up.

This is what i do:

A Full Service Project Supremecy - Install and Setup includes.

1. Install the plugin Project Supremacy.

Install & Setup + License use (lifetime updates for that site handled by you. Buy extras and I get it done for you on a monthly basis)

2. Setup the general Settings (where they are needed),
The API and such data is something you also provide me with (if needed)?
API's (Pixabay/2Captcha (or both) /Anti Capthcha/IneedArticles)
SEO Settings (Pages where PS will be activated and if other SEO plugins not already are present)

3. Setup The Main Schema on all their pages. (This will be different from site to site from time to time)

  Step 1, I Create The Default Schema.

  Step 2, Schema Markup Per Page (If locations differ + descriptions that differs, maximum 10 pages per gig)

  Step 3, Select allowed Schema pages of your choice

  Step 4, Setup Person/Local business and it's complete data.

  Step 5, Validate it and make sure it's correct.

4, Setup Projects and Keyword Groups from your existing page's

5. Geo target the images and connect a keyword to it (Where Possible). 10 Images the first month then 5 images per month if Xtras is purchased. (This is a time consuming task, you have to pay attention to not use any k-word twice and so on)

6. Setup "PS Post SEO Optimizing", with the existing Keywords in mind."  

7. Investigate and Setup the proper star rating that match the online truth about the client (if any available).

Monthly Maintenance Work (If you buy the Support and Maintenance extras gig)

- Do PS Plugin Update's when available (A manual Check 1 time a week).
- Do 5 more images while available per month. (if e-commerce site. It will continue forever)
- Star ratings check to manually remove really bad ones that your biz does not net (you decide). 

Data Needed For Schema Markup Work Completion:

1. A Specific Admin login that you create for me in wordpress and that makes it possible for you to track what i have done for you.

Schema Markup Data Needed:

Website URL of the WordPress site i will install this on:

2.0 Local Business Site:

Business Name:

Business Address:

Business Email:

Business Phone:

Business Description:

2.2 Social Accounts (Optional):



Google +:




Address (If you want to target only a city for instance and not a specific address that is okay to)



Postal Code/Zip:

Street Address:

Ratings: Star rating (e.g 5):

Review Count (e.g 250)

3. Geo Targeted Location of your or your clients business location. Will be based on the address you have provided to me. Do you want another value than that, just add your own LATITUDE: & LONGITUDE:

That's it.

Note: IonCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.5.so have to be installed. Most hostproviders have that by default, but some do not have that. So make sure that you ask them to install that for you. It's just a 5 minutes job for them to do.

NOTE: EXIF Geo targeting only works on .jpg images

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If I don't get the semantics and at least 5 geo targeted images to run on your site environment during the 5 first days, you have the right to refund. Please provide me with screenshots or videos where you explain the issue and so on. And if you are not satisfied with the result during the first 90 days, i will give you a full refund on your first gig. No questions asked. I wish you the best. Regards Tony T

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