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Ultimate Authority Websites For AdSense

Start Earning $100-$1500+ Using Authority AdSense Websites

Our Authority Websites Features:

  • 8000+ Searches Per Month
  • Built on 3+ Years Domain
  • Domain w/ 20+ Moz DA or PA
  • Outstanding Responsive Design 
  • 25 x 500w SEO Optimized Articles
  • Targeting 25+ Keywords
  • Branded PDF & Subscription System
  • EMD Free to Make Sure No Penalty
  • SEO Optimized Theme Installed
  • All Required Plugins Installed
  • Full On Page SEO Done
  • All Pages Setup Correctly
  • Best CTR Ads Placement
  • Ready For AdSense
  • Potential To Earn $1500+ a Month

Features Explained:

  • You will get tons of people saying ranking brand new websites now takes much much longer time than before, and it's hard to earn from websites that isn't ranking well. Our websites are based on 3+ years aged domains. Ask anyone, they will say aged domains are GOLD for ranking in Google or other search engines. Which means Aged Domains + Authority Niche Site = $$$$$
  • The more keywords the better! We do not target just 1 keyword like others. Our sites are optimized for 25+ keywords which means your sites will have better opportunity than any other sites
  • We target 25+ keywords each site, totaling 8000+ searches per month
  • Domains with better Moz Authority ranks way better than domains without authority. Our sites come with Moz DA or PA 20+. Imagine what it becomes when combined with age factor. Powerful Beast, period.
  • Each of our sites have 25 x 500 words great SEO optimized articles where other people use 5 articles per site but charge the same. You are getting 5X value with our websites.
  • All plugins, themes & pages are installed to make sure your site is completely ready
  • We have identified the best places for ads placement where people tends to click most. The more people clicks, the more money you make. Our sites will give the best CTR!


Who buys the domain?

A. WE! Don't worry about it. After the site is done, I will transfer the domain in your Godaddy account.

Who buys the hosting?

A. We need your hosting info once the site is done. After that, I will transfer the site to your hosting.

What's the TAT?

A. 25-28 Days MAX!

Who will select the niche/keywords?

A. We will do that for you. We make sure the niche is the most profitable one, and we select the best keywords for you. We make sure our clients get the best product for their money.

How much AdSense earning can I expect?

A. Our clients are earning over $1500+ a month per site. Each of our site is capable of doing that. Clients usually quote that amount in 6-8 months of running the site. The better the site gets ranking, the more the site will earn.

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