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Solid SEO needs solid Linkjuice. But you already know that. You found this Marketplace. And this Gig....

My Offer

–-50.000 Links of most kinds.---(contextuals, comments, bookmarks etc ..."Kitchen Sink")
Semi-Private Targets (=no crap lists used, this isn't fiverr lol).


  • No need to learn GSA SER (complicated). 
  • No need to buy your own Spam Servers (expensive).

Just let me take care of your bulk link needs. As long as I got capacity left...(this is no sales ploy btw, i run my own projects as well )

My peers are telling me Stop mucking around with GSA, focus on profits!

But you know what? I LOVE to do it. The thought of my Servers humming through the night, pumping out link after link..hmm..there is something comforting about that..hmm..hmm....

But you're not here to hear my life story, right? (at least i hope not!)


  • Spam Parasites !
  • Spam Youtube Videos!
  • Spam Press Releases!

You can even Spam your Moneysite - I don't care! This is a no frills „Take it or leave it“ kinda deal.

What you need to know:

1. I use SEO Content Machine to create diverse and NICHE SPECIFIC Content.
2. I spin using the Premium Spinner „Spinrewriter“...
3. Profit!

By default I use a low anchor percentage of 5% (Keywords you specify!). The rest will be generics and raw urls. If you wanna change that, just tell me and i'll help you out!

PS: No linkreports to keep my linksources safe. If you need proof, you can request a sample of links/diagram screenshot.

PPS: Questions? Ask BEFORE ordering!


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This is Descartes, not me. "I spam therefore i am!" I love GSA, ranking, spamming, ranking & cats (Who doesn't like cats?)

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