GSA Dripfeed Backlinks + High DA Web 2.0 + Filtering Mechanism = HIGH PA & DA

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Do you to greatly want to increase the Trust Flow, Page Authority and Domain Authority of your website?

 *******WE CAN HELP YOU!********




Who is this service for?

  • If you have a new website and you want to  rank high in SERP
  • Want to break out from the ranking position where your website has been stucked
  • You have a video that you want to see go up in SERP
  • You want to continue to remain above your competition in Ranking
  • If you have a PBN and you want to greatly boost its power

Advantages :

  1. Increase Page Authority
  2. Movement in SERP
  3. Increase in traffic
  4. Increase Page Popularity 

Part of this is a Monthly Subscription
44,000+ backlinks will be created
Only 30/30 slots available
If you see the SignUp button as inactive that implies that no slots is available as at that time.

You Will Get

5 High DA web 2.0 
5200 social signals
44,000 dripfeed GSA backlinks over 10 days
Report on all the GSA backlinks

Service Overview

  1. Create 5 Web 2.0 properties with DA of between 95 and 100

  2. Multi-level linking with Best Structure in GSA.

  3. Filter and pass the the link juice from backlinks created in GSA to Web 2.0 properties

  4. Social signal Campaign for Web 2.0 properties 

  5. Pass the juice from backlinking and social campaign to your money website or video to increase PA and page popularity.


Step 1: Creating Web 2.0 Properties

We will create 5 web.20 properties with DA of between 95 and 100. These platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Academia, Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr, Weebly, etc.  

There will be  4 base ones and a top one. The base ones will interlink with each other to pass juice gotten from GSA backlinking around and they all will link to the top one. The top one will then pass all the juice, power, page authority and page popularity  to your money site or video thereby helping it to rank in SERP.

Step 2: Creating Well Structured Multi-Tier Backlinks with GSA

We believe in creating quality backlinks with GSA  and that is what we are going to do here. Our backlinking structure is multilevel and well thought out.  A brief look into what you get:

2000 contextual  Edu and Gov backlinks with Articles only. Keywords will be structure as follows:
10% Keyword Based Anchor
25% Related Keywords
15% Domain Anchor
15% Branded Anchor
35% Generic Anchor

All content to be used are created by us. We scrape and super spin  articles related to your niche. Videos or/and images are randomly added to to articles, prepare the “about us” section, the video section and much more. We guarantee that there will be no duplicate content in the campaign.
Tools used WAC, Article Builder and The Best Spinner

This will pass iuice to Tier1 backlinks will come from the follow platforms: 
✔ Articles
✔ Forums Profiles
✔ Image Comments
✔ Microblogs
✔ Social Bookmarks
✔ Social Networks
✔ Wikis 
✔ web 2.0

Tiers 3
✔ Blog Comments
✔ Guestbooks
✔ Trackbacks
✔ Short URLs

We are using Linklicious Pro and GSA SEO Indexer to get all backlinks indexed.

Step 3:  Running Social Signal On 4 base WEB 2.0 properties

After the backlinking is done, we filter them with our proprietary mechanism and then pass on the good juice to the web2,0 created earler on.

44,000 Backlinks form GSA  >>>>> Proprietary Filtering Mechanism >>>>>> Web 2.0s

Step 4: Running Social Signal On Top WEB 2.0 property

We will run a 2600 social media campaign on the 4 base social media properties. The signals are as follows:

  • 800 Facebook Likes 
  • 100 Facebook Share 
  • 500 Twitter Tweets 
  • 50   Google Plus One votes 
  • 900 LinkedIn Share 
  • 250 Pinterest pins 

We will also run 2600 social media campaign on the top Web 2.0 property where the base ones will be linking to.

Step 5: Passing Juice To Money Site Or Video

Juice, power, page authority and page popularity will be passed onto your money site or video. You will definitely see movement in SERP. 


If you want SERP domination, you can pick up any of our extras:

  1. Combo 2 equals Combo 1 multiplied by 2
  2. Combo4 equals Combo 1 multiplied by 4

Or you can pick us our monthly backlinking  campaign where we dripfeed 44,000 backlinks within 29 days to any of your combo 1.


When you buy any of our combos, we will add you to our private Facebook and Skype group where we will answer any question you may have. 


We have 30 SLOTS available for now and when they are gone, the purchase button will be deactivated. We are doing this so that we can give our best to anyone who buys any of our combos. When we expand our capacity, the service will be made available again.

See you at the other side.

Thank You

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