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We all know that Google checks the Grammar of the content you post. Some people think that it's not the most important part of their SEO routine, however, when all other parameters are equal, Grammar may play a decisive role who is going to rank higher. 

You have a few posts and their score is below 80. Your competitors articles are all above 90 according to Google Algorithms. What do you think Google will consider to rank better?

For just $5 I will check you article and fix the problems, so it has a score of 90 or higher according to Grammarly. 

If it shows, that your article has plagiarism, I will highlight the area, so you know what's need to be re-written to make it unique.

Did you get you article for $3? Do you want it to make look like it's a well-written article? Use my Gig and don't worry about the grammar of your Articles anymore.

$5 for 1 article up to 1000 words.

Thank you and Enjoy your SEO Journey!

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