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Want to build a US State Directory Website?

 BUT... don't have that State's City list OR the time, patience or desire to do it yourself?


So we build out a COMPLETE US State directory website just like Gregory Ortiz's Alabama Chiropractic directory. The only thing you have to do is swap out the niche with your own (which we show you how to do with a click of a button), change the front page graphic and you are in business! Heck, the Meta Data is even done out for you!

There is no need to set out on the long and exhausting journey to manually build your own directory because this one is DONE FOR YOU!

It doesn't get any easier than that! 

Start making money in as little as a week, charging hundreds per rented page you could easily be making 7 figures this year off this 1 DONE FOR YOU directory. Make your 2016 EXPLODE with cash rolling in and order today!

You're Welcome in Advance!

P.S. In order to help you track your new directory I have a gig extra to include my keyword list of every possible city state and keyword combo that you can just plug into your rank tracker and be off tracking your new directory's rankings in no time! - Check it out :)

P.P.S. Once you purchase you own this Done For You Directory so you can build as many directory's in as many niches as you want. What is standing between you and being a MILLIONAIRE? Nothing with this Done For You Directory 2016 could be the year that changes you and your family's life!


Q: What is the website built with?
A:  Wordpress (no you do not need to install WordPress)

Q: Do you have a demo?
A: Yes, here is the whole UNITED STATES:
*Note: This gig is for only 1 state. If You want the Whole Kit & Caboodle check out the Gig Extras!

Q: What is needed when I purchase this gig?
A: Domain name and Hosting 

Q: Do I need Geo-Tagged Images, Video Embeds, Schema Markup, or Maps Embeds?
A: Need - No, but can you add them to your article as it never hurts to over build. Page content is personal preference and everybody has their own idea as to what they need. With Gregory Ortiz's Chiropractor example, which this is based on, is ranking  page #1 and doesn't need all of this. It can help but isn't necessary if ranking and renting is your primary focus.

Q: My niche is something else, will this work?
A: Yes! That is the whole point of this is to have the site built out, replace the content, homepage image and keywords and you are off and running which can all be easily done with the included tool and step by step instructions. 

Q: Can you help me Rank? (#1 question I get)
A: YES! Although some pages will probably rank without any help, bigger cities with more competition that bring in higher $$$ rentals usually require a little help. That is why as a gig extra I am offering two Permanent PBN Link packages to get you making money as fast as possible! 
Both packages include Niche Relevant 100% Unique Handwritten Articles, 100% Google Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird safe, Spam Free Indexed Permanent PBN links! 

*Rank Tubo links aren't as powerful individually but provide power in numbers helping to compete with competitor's large backlink profiles.

*Rank Nitro links are the cream of the crop and give you a big bang with only a few links to get ranked fast!

*NOTE: When Rank Turbo and Rank Nitro are combined magical things happen! Google likes the diversity in power of your backlink profile and helps it to look more natural :)
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