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2 days on average
Small alzheimers blog
Small cruising blog
Small marketers blog
Small muay thai combat blog
Small newspaper blog
Small alzheimers blog
Small cruising blog
Small marketers blog
Small muay thai combat blog
Small newspaper blog

What I can do for you:

- A domain set to be 'revived' with a minimum DA, PA, TF, and CF of 10 - ready to be pushed to your account

- A unique persona for this domain so it doesn't trace back to you, this includes an email address you can use for the account.

- Hosting set up, with the persona's address, email, and unique identity being linked to it.

- A extremely unique wordpress set up, with category pages, about us, contact us, essential plugins, legal pages, and much more (like premium themes :)

- A 700 word article that is completely unique, and ran through Grammarly.com for near perfect grammar that passes algorithmic guidelines

- This makes your website completely unique, themed to the niche you want to rank into, and it's a powerhouse right from the get go - you'll notice a bump and boost to your SERPs.

Curious to know how to get a hold of all of this?

Simply order below, tell me what niche/market you want to get into, and I will get you set up within 48 hours, or 24 hours if I'm home all day. :P

In your service,
Cesar Soto


Portfolio Stuff

I realized building out legit PBN sites took way too long – even with a perfected, systemized process… I realized that my friends needed something quick that they could start using right away if they really wanted to…

Listen, unless you’re the type of person that enjoys wasting their time away from their passions and their loved ones you can continue to do so by tediously building out legit authority PBNs…

With that being said, I’ve created a simplified process for the busy pro that just wants this out of the way.

With this SIMPLE system all you have to do is just go through three simple clicks and your life now becomes magical as you forget about building another site again!

Just imagine what it’d finally feel like having a small network of sites being built in 24 hours ready for you to actually use them to serve you and your clients.

Solid Fresh – The Done For You 48 Hour PBN Creation Service

It’s simple.

I get a domain from a list of domains I have in stock, and then I create a brand new person for this domain.

Then, I create a hosting account with the persona, and begin creating your site.

I then create social accounts that link back to your PBN and create that freshness factor!

Finally, I get an article written for this domain, and ta-da! You have a PBN ready for your own personal SEO needs. :-)

You’ll get your PBN built so you can actually use them for what they’re meant to be used – to actually go out and make you, or your clients, some dinero. ^_^

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over 2 years ago
Hi thanks, nice work! Do you have passwords for the social media accounts?
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over 2 years ago

Yes sir, check the excel document - there's a universal password on there. :-)

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I created this service to HELP you, and I’m only here to get you the results that you want, without having to waste your time. With that being said I’m also giving out a 30 day ‘refund for no reason at all.' (There is literally no risk, it’s all on me)