PA48 - PR4 CLEAN Tumblr Link! TF20+CF18! Permanant Link - MAX OBL 30

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Small tumblr blog  2 pa and spam score
Small tumblr blog  2 tf cf proof
Small tumblr blog  1 link types
Small tumblr blog  2 pa and spam score
Small tumblr blog  2 tf cf proof
Small tumblr blog  1 link types

Hey There!

All right, so I'm going to get straight to the point because if you clicked this you already know how powerful this links is. I ran this Tumblr through Premium Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs accounts, as well as went through its entire history in (so that way I would know it wasn't used as a PBN before, and had no Porn/adult/pharma/gambling content on it .... it didn't).

Here are the details:

  • Majestic TrustFlow = 20  CitationFlow = 18
  • Tumblr DA =98  This Tumblr Blog's PA = 48!
  • Moz Spam Score = 0
  • 119 Referring IP's & 1,300 backlinks (Checked Through Majestic)

Anchor Text Profile:

  • Branded anchor text (name of the company that owned it) = 60%
  • URL as anchor text = 16%
  • The rest of the anchor text is different variations of the company name Check:

One owner until I came into possession of it - owner was an actual business - a cafe/bookstore

Content posts were clean material. Mostly photos of coffee, books, etc.

Blog was created in July 2012 (3 and a half years old)

What I am Offering:

One Permanent Link (your anchor text) (i.e. Buy a baby chicken here)

One URL link (i.e.

One Photo (that you provide)

What I will need from you:

A topic related photo

Your article (or you can order one from my gig extras)

What I suggest using this link for:

Use it for closely related LSI keywords (I would not suggest using this for you main keyword term. I would use a High Powered Niche Related PBN for your main terms, and use high powered Web 2.0's like this one to build your LSI/long tail anchors)

Use it to send a link to a your branded social properties

Use it for Brand anchor text (i.e., BuyBabbyChickens, Inc.)

Extra things you should know:

This is not just some blog that I plan on letting sit. I am constantly sending high powered branded links to this blog. I am doing this to continue building and pumping it's PA, DA, TF, and CF. 

And yes, this blog is indexed in Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these links, than do so now, they WILL go fast! ALso, check out my awesome gig extras!

I look forward to working with you!


P.s. I WILL NOT ACCEPT: Pharma, Adult, Gambling, or Spammy links. I reserve the right to deny this service to anyone that I feel does not correlate to these rules and will put my other customers posts in jeopardy.

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