PBN domains that will boost your rankings! And Spyder Spanker PRO as a bonus!

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I will sell this service for $20, but for first 20 domains it will be $10 per domain (because I need reviews).

I check every domain on Majestic to see if there are some spammy backlinks, and then on archive.org to see if they were ever used for SEO purposes.

Only after I make sure they are good expired domains with good quality backlinks, I will serve them to my clients.

Metrics of my domains are: DA:10+ ; TF:15+ ; referring domains: 10+ 

All domains will be delivered within 48 hours (most likely within 24h), or you will be offered a refund.

BONUS: after you install wordpress on that domain you purchased from me, I will install SpyderSpanker PRO (because you need to hide your PBN from your competition) for you on that domain (you don’t get the file, I will install it personally).

Usually if you buy Spyder Spanker Classic single licence, that would cost you $17, and here for $10 you get 1 great PBN domain and Spyder Spanker PRO (better than classic version) as a bonus. 

NOTE: I have a Spyder Spanker PRO Developers license and a written PERMISSION from the company to offer you that bonus. No one else on source market has that service. 

You won't find that anywhere.

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