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The gig everyone has been asking me for is finally here! The Ultimate Social PBN!!

For those of you familiar with my other gig (The ultimate SEO gig - click here), you will know that crazy gains have been made in the SERP’s from the way social media statuses have been stacked and pumped with link juice (Here is my recommended way to give them link juice - ).


  • The obvious one of replicating my other gig yourself over and over at a MASSIVE discount long term. Rather than send one gig to one page, you can do dozens a day yourself to as many pages as you like! You can even sell the links on them, I’m not phased. If you can improve this in any way – I would love to hear it + compete with you! (The customer is always the winner).
  • Give your PBNs massive authority. So many people are selling / buying / placing links on sites that have no social accounts attached. Why would this high authority domain not have social media accounts? It updates all the time, but doing nothing to get traffic? This is such a big giveaway to Google that the site has been built with the purpose of ranking other sites. Link these as the social properties of your PBNs, and watch them become more effective / likely to pass a manual review!
  • Traffic! These followers will be paid for in the beginning – no bullshit. What does tend to happen though, because they are fleshed out + updated, people searching for things in the niche tend to come across these profiles and follow them! It takes a good couple of weeks, but pretty soon you get real traffic (The one I have in the car niche gets about 150 – 200 new followers a day). Google is going to be putting more weight on the flow of traffic through links pretty soon (If they haven’t already), so the sooner you have a little supply of traffic, the better!

So, I’ve finally got a system together that will allow me to pump these things out pretty comprehensively. This is what you will get:

1 x Twitter / Google + / Pinterest / Account (Niche relevant)

Well interlinked between the accounts at a description level. Pictures / cover photos / all information filled out. If it is to a PBN site – I will use that domain. If not, I will use a high authority site in the same niche.

The pages fleshed out with at least 100 posts on each of them. Each page will also be following all the largest niche accounts, and will have retweets, shares and pins from said accounts (giving them niche relevance).

Each page will have in the region of 200 (G+) to 10k followers (T). If you give me a URL, I can also do the first status stack for you, so you know what it looks like. Again guys – it only makes sense that if you are getting high authority links out there, some of them are also coming from high authority social media accounts.

The pages will also all have a Syndwire balst and hit with my link pyramid (if you want) to give them a bit of authority straight off the bat.

If you guys have any more questions regarding this, or want to know more in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (contact page). I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I do have an agency to run + this store – so I can be a bit swamped at times. Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and new year!

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