Link Risk Management ,Google Penalty and Negative SEO Attack Recovery

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From all the dramatic things that happened in the SEO world in the last five years, Google Penguin update was and still is the most terrifying. Hundreds of thousands of sites were hit and vanished from the internet.

Since it was launched, every good SEO knows that Link Risk Management is the only way to protect a website against it.

Link Risk Management implies:

  • collecting all the backlinks you can find
  • analyzing them
  • disavow
  • uploading your disavow file to Google Webmaster Tools
  • boosting your disavow file
  • starting again

This is a complex process. If you decide to analyze your backlinks manually, you would spend months collecting and analyzing data. If you don’t want to waste your time and if you want to get the most data possible, you should always use a professional .

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