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Another proven Syndwire strategy...Offer Only Good For 7 Days!

Syndwire VIDEO Multiplier - Rank 1 Video for Multiple Keywords!

Basically, for about $1.20 each you can have 30+ different keyword variations ranking for your Video!!

Are you a local marketer, SEO agency, or looking to multiply the results of 1 Video?

We take "ONE" video, Spin your Title with different Keyword variations and then Upload to MULTIPLE YouTube & DailyMotion channels. BAM! You have a single video ranking for multiple cities or keywords.

If you're not familiar, this strategy from Digital Triggers is called the "Video Multiplier Method" and is used to gain 100+ rankings for different keywords in one swoop. Check out the video above for details...

Here's what you get with our Syndwire VIDEO MULTIPLIER!

     ✔   Tell us up to 30 of your city / keyword variations and we'll SPIN your title
     ✔   We'll upload to 30 different video channels for multiple rankings fast
     ✔   Need more? Choose an extra for submitting up to 50 video variations!

Check out these ORGANIC Search Results just minutes after our gig:

--> And there are hundreds more high Page-1 results where this came from!!!


  1. Authoritative: All of our accounts are phone verified & normalized with profile information
  2. Drip Fed: We can drip feed your video uploads to minimize their risk of being flagged as spam
  3. PROVEN: This method is proven to get multiple first page rankings from this 1 effort


Local Videos - Rank one video for multiple city names or areas.

Affiliate/Product Videos - Rank one video for multiple product terms.

Service Videos - Rank one video for multiple services.


Let us do all the heavy lifting for you!

  1. Supply your cities / keywords and we'll SPIN your title
  2. Supply your video file (<50Mb) & description(50 MB or Less Please)
  3. Select any extras below and we will take care of it!
PLEASE NOTE: - Separate channels generally do not have problems with duplicate videos (which is why we don't send duplicate content to a single channel!) however this method IS considered spammy so can result in some videos being flagged as spam, suspended or terminated. This is an extremely effective strategy most of the time, however we have no control over what happens once published and cannot guarantee any number of videos will actually stick. Please note that if any videos are suspended they will not be on your own channels and may not be replaced.

The Syndwire Video Multiplier method has been used to dominate with 100+ first page rankings for different city names or long tail keywords in one blast by carefully spinning your Headline!

In order to maintain the integrity of our premium accounts we do not provide full link reports or accept some niches such as Adult Content, Gambling, Get Rich Quick. If we cannot accept your order for any reason, it will be refunded in full with an explanation.

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