*Just 3 Avalible* à la carte High quality PBN domains

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2 days on average

Buy a la carte domains in this gig

I make PBNs for my own clients and my money sites, i have a team searching for domains all day, we discovery high quality domains every day, and now you can benefit from our work.

If you go with a domain broker, you will pay $100+ for this domains, i know because that is whats i did when i was a begginer, and i spent thounsand of dollars with domain brokers. But now you can choose the domain you want, and buy it for just $29.00 USD (limited time offer, the price will be higher in the near future).

Check domains avalible right now and buy the perfect domain for your money site or you client, before someone else buy it.

Important note:

  • Each domain is already register, we will send you the login details, so you can take control of the domain.
  • We use fake who is information to register this domain, all the domains are already register for at least 10 months, so dont have to waste more money registering the domains.
  • We just use the most popular registrars: Godaddy, 1and1, namecheap, resellerclub.
  • In the case of Godaddy and Resellerclub, you will need to create an account with this registrars, and we will transferer the domain property to your account, we will give you each step, and this dont will take any extra money and just about 5 minutes.
  • As you can see, we asign a code for each domain, this is just for our internal stock control. When you order, please let us know the code of the domain you want to buy, so we will know which domain you want.
  • When we recive an order for a domain, we will update the list and the domain will no longer be avalible. We will also update the gig tittle, so you can see how many domains we have avalible.

All the domains are SPAM free

We hand check all our domains, this domains are the same we use to rank our client and money sites websites, so we make an exhaustive manually scan in each domain. For our SPAM and Quality check we use: Majestic, Moz, Archive.org, whois domain tools, and this is the process we follow in each domain:

  1. Check all the metrics of the domain in the first place, so each domain should have CF: 20+ TF: 20+ DA:20+ PA: 20+ and the ratio of CF/TF should be better than 1:2 (check the source wave university videos to know why this is important). In some cases the domains can have a lower CF, TF, DA or PA, but we still use this domains if the backlink quality, topical trust and the domain name have high quality (never will lower than 15 in any metric).
  2. We check the backlink profile in Majestic and we only use the domains with a clean and medium-high TF backlink profile.
  3. We manually check the first 15 backlinks in Majestic and in Moz metrics.
  4. We check the Map tool for backlinks in Majestic, if a domain have many baclinks from Asia or another well know "Spammy" country, we dont use that domain, and you can see in our reports, the backlinks map for each of our domains.
  5. We check if the keyword are not over optimized. For example, if the 50% of the backlinks for a domain are in an specific keyword, we dont use that domain.
  6. Then we check the Mox Spam Score, if a domain have a Spam score higher than 4, we dont use that domain, if the domain have a spam score of 4 or 3, we manually review all the backlinks in Moz, and Majestic.
  7. Then we check the domain in archive.org and screenshots.com, sometimes, before this point of our review, a domain can be clean, but when we review the history of the domain, sometimes we find the domain has been used for SPAM, for an Asian Spammy website, for hacks related topics, etc... if we see this in a domain,the domain is descarded.
  8. Finally we check if the domain is indexed in Google, if is not index in Google, and all the SPAM scan process is clean, we register this domains and try to index the domain in Google. Yeah, sometimes the domains get not index after months, or never, so we take this risk for you, we only sell domains that are index in Google, you can see the screenshots in each of the domain reports.

List of domain avalible for this week

(If we dont sell a domain in one week, we will remove the domain and we will add this domain in our PBN arsenal)

Domain code: 3190

Avalible: Yes.

Domain report:

Domain code: 6400

Avalible: Yes.

Domain report:

Domain code: 7046

Avalible: Yes.

Domain report:

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