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DAS is a very powerful strategy for ranking your sites.  If have not heard about DAS (Domain Authority Stacking) then you may familiarize yourself with it here:

This offering is for business and site owners  who already know the power of social signals and DAS.  we are implementing a full version of it over the next 30 - 45 days.   While building out and creating your sites and links, we will be sending social signals to the links we are building.  So you are getting high DA links along with social signals to your site.  Something that Google likes to see.  

What are the benefits?

This strategy  mimics the natural link pattern of real businesses.  A new company starts out building their branded sites, and linking those branded sites to their main business site.  We add social signals company brand pages get popular apart from money website. Link juice will flow through high authority social properties and channel into your money site.  Because the links are from highly relevant pages, and highly trusted sources, your money site gets a nice boost.  The social signals are from real followers, with real accounts, from a large network that will NOT leave a foot-print. This strategy is very safe way  to start building out the links to your site.   

The strategy has four main benefits, these include:

1. Increased trust

2. Boost of rankings to your money site

3. Ranking of your social properties

4. Social signals coming into your site which both validates the sites and it something that Google loves.  

Here is what we have to offer.

We build out one complete DAS stack for your money site.  We create the properties the properties that you don't already have, we link to the properties you've created already. We take the time to create all of the content required for the new sites, we add what is needed to make them look real, and get them indexed and then we set up the links, and then get social signals going to the properties and links we create.  

We use or create a total of nine sites (A site is a unique URL), new sites will have content that is unique, be niche relevant and checked to ensure that it is both grammatically correct and unique.  We also add any pictures and other required data to make the sites we create look authentic.  

The DAS stacks are built out in two tiers over the course of approximately 45 days.  We interlink together  follow them carefully and ensure that all the sites get indexed.  We will be building out a nine site DAS Stack that are all tailored to your specific niche, along with niche appropriate pictures.  

 We take great pride in the quality of work we do.  Here's what one client had to say when they viewed our completed DAS plan:

"Wow, excellent work dude!"

So don't delay, let's start to improve your sites ranking by stacking the authority, adding social signals and making your site the most relevant site within your niche.  


What is the strategy, can you tell me more?

Our strategy is proprietary, read about it at the above link.  We don't intend to disclose what we're doing to non-paying clients.   When you purchase the gig, we will ask you for your site name, keywords and any other properties associated with that account.  Within 48 hours, we review the data you provide and create a custom tailored DAS stack to your unique needs.  This template will include the sites we're going to build, the keywords we are going to use, the anchor text and the sites we will link from and too.   In short, you will know exactly what we are going to create before we get started, and you can watch us implement this strategy, step by step. 

This information is proprietary! You must agree to not disclose the strategy or the way we implement it on your site to anyone else.  

When should I expect results?
Your posts will be built out over the next 4 weeks. You should expect results from 3rd week to 8th week. 

If you do not provide link report, how will I know you are not scamming me?

You will know the plan BEFORE we start.  You can follow along as we build your stack.   No need for a link report!

Sounds good. What else do I need to know?  How to start?

You provide your graphics for your site.  You provide any video content you have created already. We'll provide pictures and new content for the sites we build.  To get started, order the gig, and we'll send you a simple questionnaire that will provide the data we need to get started.

Do you guarantee results?

DAS works.  You can rank sites with DAS alone.  That being said, we must say that  your results may vary and the effectiveness of a single stack depends on lots of factors including competition level, site structure, site content,  and the Niche you are in.  We guarantee we will build the sites and DAS stack according to plan we submit. 

Can you guarantee me any results? 

Our premium SEO packages guarantee results.  Contact us and we can discuss working with you.  However, starting with a DAS stack is a great way to familiarize yourself with us, our quality of work.  If you were to hire us for a guaranteed package, we would start with a DAS stack first.  

You don't guarantee rankings, what do you guarantee?

We guarantee we will complete the DAS stack according to the plan, that the site gets and stays active for 12 months.  As long as you don't cause the problem. We consider sites as different URL's. We also reserve the right to substitute properties/signals as necessary.  Once built, maintenance responsibility belongs to you.

What should I do next?

Order our gig, respond to our four simple questions and then wait for your custom delivered DAS stack plan. 

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Refunds will be prorated on the following schedule: Canceling within 24 hrs of ordering, 100% refund unless we have started work on your DAS plan. If you cancel after we start work on your DAS plan, the charge for the DAS plan is $60 per DAS stack. Once we start building your DAS Stack(s), no refunds will be given if we deliver a majority of the DAS property URL's. Any refunds shall be at our discretion. If we fail to build out your DAS stack according to the DAS plan submitted, you must inform us in writing exactly what portion of your DAS plan we did NOT complete. We shall have 90 days to fix the issue. Furthermore, we reserve the right to substitute properties as needed to account for market conditions outside our control and complete your DAS stack. In short, only if we fail to deliver anything will get you qualify for a refund.

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