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Get REAL Google Business Reviews


$20 per REVIEW - ACT FAST!!

I’m offering a brand new service that provides REAL Google Business reviews that you can utilize on your own websites or for any client websites.

Our firm has used this method on our own sites with 100% effectiveness, and it has delivered incredible results for us. That being said, I completely understand that without trust, you're not going to give me a go. Because of this, I've dropped service rates to the lowest possible premium for a limited time. This way, you get a massive return on your investment for a minimal investment on your part, and I get reviews to prove my service is legitimate.

For this service, you are purchasing 1 (one) positive review for a Google Business listing.

  • Each review is fully researched and customized based on the type of business we are reviewing, and written by our in-house native writer from the United States; however, if you have a preference for writing your own copy or you have an ad writer of your own, let us know and we’ll use any copy you send us for the review.
  • Reviews are not over-the-top, and resemble honest feedback on the performance of your business. In the case of a business ordering many reviews, we diversify the responses by changing up the writing styles, positive points, and other elements of the review in order to create believable responses from your “customers”.
  • Each review is made from a unique phone verified Google account. We only use each number ONCE, for even more security. Google can see the numbers you have signed up with, don’t risk the footprint.


  • The first step is purchasing a Windows VPS from a provider located near your business listing for better Geo-targeting. Buying a unique VPS per order ensures that Google won’t be able to backtrack and hit our clients with penalties, as these unique machines appear to be individual on Google’s side. ALL IP’s we use for reviews are recorded and only used once for absolutely zero footprint.
  • Each google account is made with a unique phone number. We don't use twilio or any burner app to make these accounts these are REAL SIM cards from phone companys which we use ONCE per account once again reducing the footprint even further.
  • Each google account is only used once per review - Think about it, how many people are actually going business to business leaving reviews. Generally, the average person would only have 1-3 reviews under their belt per account. Think about how many times you’ve actually left a Google business review online for a local company. Because we switch the number and email up with each review, there is no footprint or paper trail. Most sellers offer Google Business reviews using accounts that have left reviews for businesses in multiple countries, which looks incredibly suspicious to Google’s account admins. You can see why we choose to use unique numbers and emails for each account!
  • We use hundreds of different VPS providers so the owner of the IP’s are ever changing and once again making it impossible for google to trace these reviews.

Additional Options:

Drip Feeding - We have multiple purchase options available to allow you to drip feed your posts so you don't have to keep coming back and ordering.

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