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JiggySEO Founder and CEO is a Nationally Recognized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultant and Coach and has been featured on major news media like CBS News, FOX, NBC and ABC.

We rank major business and private organizations websites ( Local and International) on Major search engines and Social media platforms.

Dear Business Owner,

Let’s face it. Entrepreneurs like you and I are constantly bombarded by companies who think they’re offering our businesses the latest and greatest when it comes to getting new clients. Frankly, that’s what makes what we're about to tell you a bit of a challenge.

What is different about what we're about to tell you, is that "There’s No Financial Risk Involved

How many of the other guys can say that about what they’re offering? I believe that we have an incredibly unique service that can quickly show you a substantial boost in the number of sales you are currently generating.

JiggySEO offers an amazingly powerful, and completely upfront method that can drastically help businesses like yours increase your bottom line, all without having to spend any money to see these results.

How are we able to do this? 

We are an internet marketing company that works, completely performance-based, to promote and generate sales for local businesses in a wide variety of niches. We only get paid for our services when you get paid for yours. Your company will only ever pay a fee that is pre-agreed on for any sales or business that we send your way. To be clear, we’re not talking about advertising here. We’re talking about sending you actual, pre-qualified, warm leads from customers in your area who are actively searching for services like yours.

How Does It Work?

- Using a satellite webpage in your niche that we’ve already marketed all over the internet, we promote your specific business.
- People in your area find this website when they search for your company’s type of services in your locality.
- The leads will then call, through a special tracking phone number we have setup on the website, so that we can know where the leads we have generated for you come from.
- We then tally up the number of calls and leads we’ve generated for your company every two weeks. You will only ever pay for pre-qualified leads. There are absolutely no hidden fees, exit charges, or monthly payments that you’ll have to cover.

The one thing that always blows away new companies, when we start working with them, is how incredibly transparent this whole process is.

Having said that, WE DON’T want you to make a decision about this right now.

We want to offer you what we offer to all of the companies we work with, and that is a free, 3 day-trial so that you can see for yourself what we,re talking about. Let us show you our process, and demonstrate just how unique and effective it is. Any leads that we send your way during these 3 days are completely free.

Even though you may want to get started right away without the trial, I encourage you to first let us prove it to you how quickly our method of lead generation will work for your company.

Whatever you decide, please let us know how you would like for us to move forward with your company. Once you give us the go-ahead, We can setup your free, 3-day trial right away so you can start seeing new business pour in. The catch is, you need to act quickly if you wish to claim this trial. We are only able to work with one particular company in your area/location. Of course, we have sent this letter to other niche companies near you. So, act fast!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any immediate questions.

Dedicated to your success,



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Hello! My name is Kelly, I am an internet marketer with 5 years of experience. I have a small but passionate team, developing custom solutions to help our customers reach their goals. Don't hesitate to message us to receive additional information or assistance.