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Earning Passive Income from Amazon Affiliate Review Niche Sites Has Never Been Easier

Platinum Tier Amazon Review Site

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If you have ever wondered if it’s possible to have a site earning $100-$1500+ a month all by itself, then you have landed on the right page. Yes, it’s possible, with our super Amazon Review Affiliate Sites! And you can start earning money as soon as 2-3 weeks of having your website!

Why not let us make your first Amazon niche site or additional sites for your portfolio that can make $100-$1500+ a month completely white hat way? We take the hassles of keyword research, competition research, content development, even some starting SEO!


Platinum Tier Amazon

Amazon Review Site

Platinum Tier Amazon Affiliate Sites have potential to earn

$100-$1500+ easy passive income every month

Why Buy Amazon Affiliate Website From Us?

  • Our sites have potential earn $100-$1500+ a month
  • 100% Genuine & White Hat Methods Involved
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Buy with CONFIDENCE, we developed thousands of sites last 8 years
  • Very Fast Delivery
  • Dedicated Support


What We Do For Each Site?

We choose the best products from Amazon to promote on the site & the best buying keywords possible for the product category. Then they are carefully handled with great quality review articles focusing on maximum conversion. The best thing with Amazon affiliate site is, Amazon knows well how to convert their traffic, so you get the best commissions possible.

As we offer quality over anything else, we make sure the site gets the best drip feed SEO according to the website package. We do not use any black hat techniques like others, which makes our site even stronger and stable in search engines.

Platinum Tier Sites Features:

·         Targeting 2 Main Buyer Keywords

·         3 Premium Supporting Keywords

·         All Products Products Prices Are $50-$100

·         3000+ /mo Combined Searches Per Month

·         Conversion Focused Website Design

·         10 x 500words Review Articles Targeting Products

·         No Exact Match Domains (EMD’s are like to get penalized in Google)

·         Brandable Domain Name Suggestion

·         Premium SEO Optimized Theme

·         Optimize Website For Organic Traffic

·         Contact, Privacy, TOS Pages Setup

·         On Page SEO Done

·         Platinum Tier Off Page SEO Done

·         100% Authentic & Solid White Hat Methods

·         No Black Hat Methods Involved

·         Fully Mobile Friendly

·         SSL Installed!! (https://)


How Our Sites Rank Where Other Sites Fail?

Because we use certain techniques that Google uses in their algorithm. Where others still don’t focus on those factors, we get the Google’s love for using the factors they love!

Exact Match Domain Update:

We do not use Exact Match Domains because Google has devalued EMD’s big time. It’s better to build Amazon affiliate sites on brandable domains today.

Mobile Friendly Update:

Google now ask for Mobile friendliness to rank a website in search engines. Our sites are fully optimized for mobile & we get an edge in search rankings.

HTTPS Update:

Security is now a ranking factor for Google. Websites having https:// tend to rank better than ever. You like to click a link on https:// website rather than http:// right? Google understands it too. Our sites are fully https:// for better ranking.



What is the estimated TAT?

25 - 28 days depending on workload. We will try and deliver as soon as possible.

When my site will start earning?
Earnings for Amazon sites usually starts in 1-2 months. If marketing done well, your website will follow the same time to start earning.

Minimum earning potential?

$100/m minimum.

What’s the maximum potential this site can make?


How these sites make money?

Amazon Affiliate.

Can I add any other revenue streams other the Amazon Affiliate?

Yes, you surely can.

Do you guarantee any earnings?
None can guarantee earnings from Amazon Affiliate sites because it's upto the visitors behavior. But most of the people tell, it's the best making money with Amazon as people trust Amazon and 100% more likely to buy from Amazon than any other place. This makes your commission easy.

Earning estimation based on what?

We are in the niche site market for over 8 years, and we have a large portfolio of sites for ourselves as well. The given estimation is based on my personal experience, my own sites & my clients sites performance.

Who buys the domain and hosting?

We will send you keyword & domain suggestion; then you need to buy the domain and host on your hosting and send me the login details. We will develop the site in our local server, and after the site is done, we will install the site in your hosting & domain.

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