Wikipedia Links from Mod Accounts [Rec by Derek Iwasiuk]

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26 days on average

Mod accounts? Yup - My accounts have 90k+ to 150k+ edits on Wikipedia with Super Admin Access

I will add a link to your site in Wikipedia, on an existing page related to your subject. I will pick the best page allowing for both a high chance of the link sticking as well as maximizing traffic to your site. There are a lot of moderators and editors watching all the content so everything I do has to be thoroughly planned out.

Even with the new regulations and guidelines (which I mention below) - I am still the most qualified person to place links/content on Wikipedia. Here are a few of the new regulations that make things even more difficult than they already are;

A. Detecting spam (better systems) - practically all edits that involve a link addition are reviewed now, whatever the account may be. Even older accounts get reviewed now!
B. More risk - I need to do a lot more preliminary work to ensure that sites do not get blacklisted, since they are more trigger happy with spam blacklists now.
C. Standards are being raised so having a respectable account means much more work and meaningful editing.

Some of the benefits and things you need to know:

  • Google PR9 Site
  • High authority site (#6 by Alexa & #91 by Ahrefs)
  • Huge SEO boost
  • It's a no-follow (You need a mix of both to rank high in google)
  • It will provide you with actual targeted traffic that converts/purchases
  • Only a few people (editors) can actually place links to sites, which makes it highly competitive and every SEO person's nightmare.
  • Minimum placement for 6 months (GUARANTEED or money back). There is NO WAY it will be deleted earlier than that. 

Benefits & Stats

Fact #1 | Free Backlinks
Wikipedia is always being scraped/users are copying the content and pasting it on their own domains. This means that if you have a link on a wikipedia page that gets copied, then the more copies that page gets - the more backlinks you get. Nothing is better than having people do all the work for you for FREE!

Fact #2 | Traffic Benefits
Having a link in Wikipedia gives you large amounts of nonstop and extremely targeted traffic. Within a month you could easily make back your investment.

Fact #3 | SEO Benefits
I really can't claim anything for SEO benefits, it all comes down to your own knowledge. Ask yourself this, what is the purpose of a backlink? It shows authority and trust to search engines. What better authority and trust is there than having a link inside Wikipedia, where it is nearly impossible to get a crappy site in?

People keep saying - its a no follow link. Do you think Google wants to only see do follow links - do you think that looks natural? It is a no follow link, but its the BEST fukin no-follow link you can get. Here are the current stats. Numbers speak for themselves;

+ Domain Authority (DA) = 100
+ Google PR (keep in mind that hasnt been updated for a while) = 9
+ Ahrefs domain rank = 91
+ Alexa Rank = 7


The standard guarantee and monitoring period we provide is 6 months, however our work (links/pages/edits) lasts for many years to come. We’ve done 300+ projects so far and most of the our work has been there permanently.


We are very proud of our page creation process. Each article/page is fully featured with interlinks, info boxes, images, categorization, and more Wiki-related features. We extensively research, monitor, and perform preliminary work to ensure that the article/page is safe and secure for a long time to come. With all the being said, we wouldn't be able to create page without 

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about 1 year ago
Amazing! My client is extremely pleased! They have a wikipedia link on a page that gets a massive amount of traffic in their niche. Thanks for the great work!
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over 1 year ago
Greag gig. The seller took his time to do research and came up with suggestions for the best Wiki page to get a link from. Good guidance was given on optimising the target page to help make the link "stick". Communication was good throughout, and I'd highly recommend this service.
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over 2 years ago
Great service!
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almost 3 years ago
Service was above and beyond, outcome is perfect, and I'll definitely be back - thank you!
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over 3 years ago
Great work! I will be back for more! Thanks!
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over 3 years ago
Amazing service!! I had some issue on my side and the vendor went above and beyond to help me and deliver the best result! Highly recommended!!!
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Refund or replacement if the link has been removed, however not due to any of the reasons below: - Client update linked page with promotional content - Client used another provider for the same domain name - Client has had past work rejected on Wikipedia without any prior knowledge from us. - Link has been removed after 6 month period after placement

I am an SEO expert with more than 7 years experience! I am a contributor on most of the well respected editorial sites online. I also train and teach SEO on weekends. I have ranked over 50 sites personally that I have worked on.