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High DA PA TF CF Online Casino and Betting Site Links...

Some of the most difficult links online to obtain are gambling related links. Our online gambling PBN has special hosting deals as an affiliate hosting agent so we have been able to build a high end PBN network in this niche.

I hide the fact they are even casino related by keeping these domains as specifically "Online Entertainment" with only some reference to gambling.

There are 15 PBNs in my network now all on different IPs.

I'll also provide you with a full ranking report PDF for up to 5 keywords.

What will be provided?

  • A 12 month permanent home page link (Yes slap bang on the home page)
  • After 12 months we will email you to renew the link (This is to cover hosting costs and by then this will be a truly valuable PBN link because of its age)
  • OLB 10 - (no more than 10 links on this site's home page)
  • All articles are completely unique and hand written (No spinning at all)
  • You Tube Video and Image on the blog post
  • BONUS GIFT - on=page SEO report

BONUS GIFT: Free PDF for your on-page SEO

We are sure you will positive feedback so this isn't a gimmick. After we have agreed the link is as expected we will help you decide how best to configure your on-page SEO. We provide a full PDF report that gives your landing page a score relating to how well configured your on-page SEO is for the keywords you are targeting. 

A pretty sweet deal all round here and plenty of value for your $$$ 

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