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Complete Done for You Affiliate Sites with Follow-up emails

40% Off For a Limited Time.

We build High Quality, High Converting Affiliate sites for our clients. Each site is designed to build a highly-targeted email list of BUYERS. 

There are thousands and thousands of Clickbank Information products that you can earn a 50%+ commission on without ever having to inventory or deliver anything yourself. There are Clickbank affiliates who earn over $20,000 per day so the sky is the limit.

These affiliate sites are intended for those that want to earn a minimum of $1000 per month per site. But please understand that this is done by scaling up your traffic over time. THIS IS NOT a get rich quick overnight system! It is a solid investment with solid MONTHLY returns of 100%-500%+.

Let me start by stating who this gig is NOT for... If you believe that traffic and sales are going to start happening instantly this gig is NOT for you. This is a carefully designed system that is focused on ROI (Return on Investment). That means it requires paid traffic initially but can provide at least a 100%-200% ROI every month (sometimes over 500%). 

Your new affiliate site will include a high converting Lead Capture & Thank You page on the front end.

We link this to YOUR autoresponder and fill it with follow up emails designed to get clicks to your Affiliate offers. The emails are written by a Professional Copywriter and optimized to bring you the most clicks and affiliate conversions.

We also hand-select each affiliate offer for you. Your Clickbank affiliate link will be inserted into all sales material and the offers convert and pay very well and have a High Gravity on Clickbank.

Your autoresponder emails will drip feed to your new list on autopilot. It uses plenty of well-written free niche specific content mixed with occasional affiliate offers to maximize your profits. Each content email will link to an article on your new site that will have your Adsense code strategically placed to add additional Adsense income for you.

Out of the box your site can easily earn $1000 per month (within 6 months or so) BUT the niches we choose for you have a lot of room to scale up. As your email lists grows each month your income continues to grow.

All Sites are in an "Evergreen" market. Meaning they will continue to receive high levels of searches and clicks for years to come. No FAD niches here only Tried & True markets and results for you.

Each site is SEO optimized to rank in the search engines and bring you free traffic but we help you multiply your profits using Pay-Per-Click advertising on Facebook. Our expert PPC campaigns are tested to at LEAST DOUBLE or TRIPLE your ad dollars every month.

The only thing you need to do is provide us with your Clickbank affilate ID (Free to join if you don't already have it.), your Adsense code (also free) and your Autoresponder login details so we can load your follow-up emails for you. We recommend either Aweber or Getresponse which you can get for less than $20 per month. (Aweber has a 30 day free trial)

We will host your site(s) for you on our lightening fast servers for a FULL YEAR for free.

Our mission is to make this a true set & forget investment for your portfolio. We pride ourselves on over-delivering.

So what do you get?

Every affiliate money site we build will have the following:
  1. A niche specific .COM domain. (ie. YourNewAffiliateNicheSite dot com)
  2. Fast website hosting. Your new site will be hosted on our lightening fast servers for a FULL YEAR. You can of course choose to transfer to a web host at anytime but it is extremely unlikely that you will find a host of this quality without spending $75/month or more. If you decide to remain on our servers after the first year you will only pay $5/month ($60/year)
  3. Niche research and selection. We find multiple affiliate offers that usually pay 50-75%+ to you as an affiliate (at Least 5 affiliate offers to maximize your commissions).
  4. A highly optimized and split-tested Lead Generation (Optin) page focused on HIGH conversions. This is the beginning of your new sales funnel and should be focused on one goal which is to build and grow your niche targeted email list. In exchange for their name and email address new subscribers get an immediate downloadable Free Report.
  5. A "Thank You" page which tells your new subscribers where to download their Free Report. 
  6. FREE REPORT - We have professional writers who create these niche specific reports for you. It will include at least one link to an affiliate offer that has been linked to YOUR affiliate account. (Don't have an affiliate account yet? Don't worry, it is free to join and we will show you how).
  7. Email Follow-Up messages - Our professional writers also build you an optimized email follow-up sequence that is designed to provide the perfect balance of quality content and affiliate offers. Your new subscribers will look forward to each email so high open rates are expected. High click-thru rates will then send a growing number of eager potential buyers to YOUR affiliate offers. These offers almost always pay to a minimum of 50% commission and some have recurring billing which can pay you commissions for months or years to come.
  8. Website content pages - Your new site will also include 20 professionally written niche content pages. Your email messages will link to these content pages. We recommend and can ad your Google Adsense code (also free to join) for additional monthly income.
  9. Facebook Page - We will create a Facebook page which is linked to your site.
  10. Instructions and recommended traffic sources to drive traffic to your new site
Finally, we've been getting a lot of questions about why we changed the offer and no longer offer the Done for You traffic with the listing. Hopefully we can clear this up here... 

We DO still offer the traffic package but because of the 30 day delivery requirement on Source Market we had to add the traffic package as a EXTRA add-on (below this listing). 30 days is simply not enough time to build the site AND create a steady traffic flow. By adding the extra add-on it allows us an additional 29 days to fulfill the order.

The Ultimate traffic package "EXTRA" below this gig will give you the full done for you traffic system that we will provide over a 5 month period to build and grow your traffic and income. That is usually plenty of time to scale the income to $1000+ per month. If not then we will continue to drive traffic and conversions for free.

The Clickbank affiliate sites are normally priced at $999 but for a very limited time you can get 40% off.

Thanks for viewing this offer and if you have any additional questions please use the "Message Seller" option at the top right of this listing.

Looking forward to working with you,


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6 months ago
Great link sites with strong authority as advertised. Thanks!
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100% Money Back Guarantee if we do not deliver your site within the specified time frame. If at any time you are unhappy with your new site just contact us and we will fix any problem to your satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with your purchase and income after 90 days simply send us and email for a replacement site or a 100% Refund. Thanks, Jim

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