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Are you tired of sending THOUSANDS of emails to potential clients, knowing that your emails are getting sent to spam folders or the trash can without even being read?

Do you hate cold calling and getting hung up on by the “gate keeper”?

Facebook Ads not performing well and watching money go down the drain?

What if there was a way to stand out from every other person providing SEO by getting your message directly to decision makers and build a personal relationship at the same time?

Send your potential client a hand written, personalized yellow letter!

Unlike other direct mail marketing tools which exist on the market, this personalized letter format has been recognized industry wide by professionals all over the country and endorsed by most top trainers as the number one, that’s right “#1” best marketing piece available today to attract not only the most, but also the best prospects to do business with.

Yellow letters have been tested again and again with the same great results that experts have come to enjoy from their campaign each time.

Use either a template or your own personal message to engage your potential clients. We hand write every letter and hand address every envelope. We even cover postage! Can’t think of any potential clients? Let us find them for you, any niche, any local area, it’s up to you! All you have to do is sit back, answer your phone and collect your money!

Letters are sent out within 5 days of order, 3 days guaranteed. But why wait? Get to your clients before other marketers with 24 hour delivery!

so for less than $2 per lead, what do you have to lose, GET MORE CLIENTS NOW!

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