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The Big Bad Penguin is coming, and it will be knocking at your door in the next couple of weeks.

You don't have any reason to be afraid, do you?

Your exact match anchors are less than 5%, right?

Get the anti-Penguin anchor text dilution service that will protect your money site, or your client's site, against the dreaded Penguin algo update.

Diversifying your anchor text is one of the most important steps to take to prevent the carnage from Penguin.

What you need to do: Give me your url.

What I will do: Create 30 links to your site on High DA sites using only naked url, and generic anchors.

PLEASE NOTE: You can specify your own anchor text if you prefer. A number of these links will be url, and the rest I use generic anchors to keep your site safe from Penguin.

What about a delicious side of premium Spam?

These high DA sites can take a healthy bashing of GSA SER spam. Why not top up these generic anchors with a nice helping of spam?

Go on, you might as well increase your rankings while you are at it.

If you order the EXTRA, I will pick the 5 strongest links and send 20 000 verified GSA links at them.

Not too comfortable with GSA SER on tier 2? Just add the High DA buffer sites EXTRA to keep GSA SER spam three tiers back from your money site.

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