Backlinks from real sites with real metrics that have real traffic

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Did you know DA PA PR OR any other metrics you will glady pay for can be faked?

Yeah, people can fake that. And yeah I know this will **** off some sellers but I need to shout out truth loud.

So if your buying a backlink what is the most important question you should ask?

Ask if the site is really getting any traffic!

And ask for the proof if there is.

Did you know Google also do not care about your backlinks if the site contaning the backlinks does not get traffic?

I will not bother to ask you more question, goto source market facebook group and you can find answers there.

For those of you who know the importance of real sites with real traffic

Here is my stellar gig.

I will give you a link from a real site.

Also give you proof of all metrics and traffic so that you will know what you get.

The price is 1$! for 5 spots that will get me thumbs up. So if you are reading this stop thinking and steal a backlink from me while you can. Only 1 backlink per one person so that no one steals all of them.

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