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Find Your Hidden Gold-Nugget!

(Step 1). Get the Top 10 keywords
People are searching for right now straight from Amazon’s
own search engine suggestions!


Thousands of highly super targeted and relevant keyword phrases from amazon search engine that you can use in your Amazon Marketing efforts.

Both amazon.com & amazon.co.uk


Here are the Amazing Benefits:
  • Discover hundreds of hidden gold-nugget keywords with thousands of exact-match searches per month, that NOBODY even knows about!

  • Better for finding keywords with zero SEO competition and find more keyword rich domains!

  • Everyone else is using Google for keywords, using Amazon is almost like cheating!

  • Request multiple seed keywords to build massive keyword lists of thousands in just minutes!

  • Generate massive lists of keywords and quickly check with Googles keyword planner to spot the high-volume ones!

  • Look into the "minds" of your customers and get the keywords they search for when buying on Amazon!

  • Enter multiple seed keywords so you can build larger targeted keyword lists much faster.

  • In addition, you will see ranking position from 1-10 for each keyword as it appears in Amazon's drop-down keyword suggestion box.

  • Therefore, you can quickly sort your keyword lists by rank and uncover the BEST keyword opportunities on Amazon right now!

For Just $5 choose Up to 10 Seed keywords that are important to You!
You will get a list of the Top 10 Amazon suggested keywords for each seed keyword.

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