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Are you sick of garbage content? Have you ever ordered content that was pure crap? Have you ever experienced these things when buying content?

Has no personality.

Seems rushed.

No originality.

Seems like the content was ripped from another site.

Doesn't keep your readers glued on the screen. 


Never fear Simon's here to save the day!

Hi. My name is Simon and I'm here to save your day. I'm a dedicated writer and an avid reader. You'll never face any of those issues ever again when I write your content.  If you want the best content written by a fluent American writer who will spend hours and hours on end creating a masterpiece for your website then you have come to the right place. This service should ONLY be used for dedicated money sites NOT for PBNs. In fact if you tell me this is for your PBN I will issue an immediate refund. 

I want to make a difference and give you superb content. 


  • 1000 word article (check extras if you need more) that is optimized for your money site.
  • I will literally spend DAYS obsessing on perfecting your content. Was the Mona Lisa painted in a day? No. That is why it will take me a week or two to get your content done. 
  • Rest assured your content won't be crap or you can have a refund ASAP and you can leave me the most nastiest review. I'll suck it up and take it. 
  • Thorough research will be conducted on your niche/topic to ensure perfect content.
  • Your articles will be HANDWRITTEN first and after that I'll type it up. This is what professional writers do. (if you don't believe me then I'll send you a picture.)
  • I'll be constantly communicating with you to ensure that your content is going in the direction that you want it to go. I'll work on drafts and you'll review it to make sure it's top notch. I'll revise as much as you want to give it the feel and message that you want to give off. 

If you're absolutely serious about growing your site then you already know what to do. This gig is perfect if you want to persuade your reader to do something. You'll get the most value out of this gig if you need content to promote affiliate products. 

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Awesome seller! Great communication, was nice to revise after a faulty mistake on my part! would definitely recommend!
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