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*GUARANTEED 250 CLICKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK* I will blast your email ad or solo ad to over 224,000 ACTIVE and responsive safelist members so you can get fresh new leads, signups and subscribers. These are real people who actually open, read and click on links in email ads. Freebie offers related to Internet Marketing, Website Traffic, Home Business and Making Money Online work best! Judging from my own and my customers' previous experiences with these email lists, you can get from just a few new subscribers all the way to 100+ new leads into your list / downline. However I absolutely CANNOT guarantee you will get ANY new opt-ins at all! Absolutely No FRAMEBREAKERS Allowed ! Also, no gambling, racial, hatred, violence, adult, porn and none of that usual banned stuff is allowed. My clients regularly get results from my services - become my next success story! Order now, you ll love it!!!!!

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