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I'm a new seller here on market source, but we are offering a great service. I've been focusing on brand building for the last few years now. I have a small team of highly talented experts in this field whom I've trained & worked with for a very long time.

Word of mouth has always been a great way of getting exposure. That's the reason we're focusing on post creation. We make posts. Quality ones. Manually.

We find related topics and create posts/replies. We make our posts with and without direct links, using aged and new accounts. Mostly aged ones since we've been doing this for quite a while now.. (Obviously this depends on the niche.)

A brief explanation of your service or website and the url to your website or the urls for your services.

OUR WORK: (example of our method.)
Let's say you sell Twitter Followers. We find people who's in need of good suppliers and answer them with a high quality, targeted answer.

People might ask something like:
"Can anyone tell me where I can buy cheap twitter followers?"

Our answer in that case, could be something like this:
"You can find high quality twitter followers at _______ for the bargain price of ____. ____ are professionals and I've never been disappointed with their deliveries. They offer great support and outstanding quality."

That specific reply could be both with and without a direct link to your website or to your service. The reason we choose to make posts without direct links too, is because of the risk of being flagged for spam and to build reputation using slightly different methods compared to others.. Our post sticks and will not be deleted.

All our posts will lead clients directly to you, by using links or by explaining how people can find what they are looking for, without using links. By doing that, people feels comfortable and instantly start trusting us. It's proven and it works.

That's what we've learnt during this time. That's the reason we do things the way we do..
And that's why YOU will benefit from our work.

Another scenario. 
Let's say you're a carpenter living and working in Nevada or any other specific place you can come up with. Just like previously explained, we'll find people searching for carpenters and reply to their posts. That said..

(Social media services like twitter & facebook are one of the most used services we've worked with so far. SEO services are another one we've done tons of work with.)

Word of mouth is amazing. People ask questions and others are automatically recommending services, people or things to do, as soon as they answer. Without actually knowing it's perfect advertising in most cases..

You will NOT find this offer ANYWHERE ELSE!


  • 25 quality, targeted and related posts on various sites and forums.

Upon delivery you'll receive a report containing links to the posts. Note that we CANNOT guarantee increased sales or traffic since we cannot force people or foresee their actions. However, we DO guarantee manually created posts that'll stick. We build your brand, your reputation and we lead potential clients directly towards you by doing what we do.. The rest is up to you.

We CAN do more than 100+ posts per week but usually DON'T recommend this. Building your brand, increasing sales and traffic isn't done over night. Never expect results in a few days. Build your brand slow and reap the benefits from it when the flower blossoms.


Long-Term Customers will Save 10% on their orders using a special coupon code. (This coupon code will be available after the first order and for every order after that.)

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Hi! My name is Usman Ahmad. Certified in Google AdWords, Analytics, Bing Ads. Manage Digital Marketing accounts on an hourly & monthly basis. Would be honored to handle your online marketing needs. Such as SEM, SMO, Email Marketing,Affiliates,Web Analysis, Reporting etc. Get your Free Quotation.