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Full Wordpress Page Or Post Creation For PBN Or Money Site Using Premium, Hand Written Content.

Limited time Sale, Just $35.00!!!

 All content will be SEO optimized for your chosen keyword along with related keywords. What you will get with this gig:

No Spinning,Scraping,Copying Or Any Other Quick Fixes, Just Pure, Fresh, Hand Written, Original Content!

450-500 word hand written article. I will research and write the article using your chosen keyword keeping the keyword percentage where you would like. usually I stick with between 1% and 2% to avoid over-optimization but I can do more or less depending on what you would like. I am a native English speaker and have been writing for my own sites and other for over 8 years now.

Along with the article I will find and embed a related YouTube video and add related images as well. I can use your images or find free to use images myself, which ever you prefer. I will also add The meta details, Title, Description and tags!

Important - In order to put in the images I will need access to your site with a Wordpress Login. If you do not want to provide a login I can do everything else and send you the HTML which you can just copy and paste in yourself.


You can also get a slideshow, custom video to upload to Youtube that I will create just for your site. You will need to upload the video first in order for me to embed it on your page so the video would be completed first.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. Communication is key and I want to be sure that you are 110% satisfied!! 

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Here are a couple of the reviews I got for my content creation back when I was doing Squidoo Lenses

"Re: Squidoo Lens Creation - Dominate Web 2.0

Postby KhaiChan » Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:32 pm

Not that I want to exaggerate, but I think the content on Ed's lens was much more comprehensive than my actual site... I'm ashamed!

Anyways, thanks for the fantastic job man. Not sure if it will improve my ranking, but I'll take it just for diversity sake. I wouldn't mind paying 20 bucks next time for the same standard of work. Looks like we have found an expert on lens creation here guys. P"

"Re: Squidoo Lens Creation - Dominate Web 2.0

Postby Mizeriqua » Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:44 pm

I ordered a lens from Ed a few days ago in the woman's fashion niche. After only about 2 days, he returned to me a very clean and professional looking lens complete with 2 YouTube vids and Amazon Links. I am super pleased and will order more for sure. Did I mention I hate making lenses? Well, I do. So, for my money, 20 bux is more than reasonable for a great service. I also found him to be pleasant and professional in our emails.

Job well done. Thanks! D


"Re: Squidoo Lens Creation, Dominate Web 2.0 & Get Link Diver

Postby bo » Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:04 am

Very, very satisfied with what I received! I will be looking to purchase a lot more!

I will begin trying to build some PR with these and maybe even make some money!

Didnt know what to expect going in and usually have a pessimistic view of the quality based on my experience with working with people but I'm glad I went for it.

Not sure where these properties will lead but it was an easy order and he answered my newbie questions."

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about 2 years ago
Great Sales Letter! Thanks
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about 2 years ago

Excellent customer, easy to work with and a pleasure all around!

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I have been working online doing SEO for almost 9 years now with my specialty being content creation. Everything I do with my services are hand done by myself, no outsourcing, no spinning. I will do everything n my power to make the customer happy!