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Are you looking for Powerful Expired Domains for your PBN? I will provide you with an amazing expired domain LIST.

This is a scan using my own software of any keywords you want (up to 3 keywords) OR any domain you want (like wikipedia, huffingtonpost, etc). These will NOT be checked for you, but you WILL get the full list. Typically each scan yields 200-400 domains to check through, sorted however you like (TF, DA, whatever you prefer). Many of these are high in TF and have some great links. You'll be able to get a TON of great domains for your PBN in ONE ORDER!!!

In this package, you are purchasing a list of domains that you can register yourself in your favorite registrar such as GoDaddy and Namecheap. You can often find a coupon for these registrars and even sometimes register the domain on godaddy for a dollar!

All domain url's are found by my own super secret methods and personal software.

Additional benefits of my service:

No GoDaddy Renewal Fee (Save $100 + from auctions)

FREE Whois Guard if you register your domain in Namecheap (Save 12.99)

What Type Of Domain Metrics You Will Get ?

This is scan filled with domains with no metrics up to domains with TF 20+. If you want specific metrics with just 1 domain go to our gig here. The focus here is getting a FULL LIST OF DOMAINS from your chosen keywords or your chosen authority site.

Here are a few screenshots of domains we have provided recently to customers just like you.

You would probably pay between $40-$100 for just ONE of these domains. But here you will get this FULL DOMAIN LIST for only for $1. What are you waiting for? Hurry Up and order today! {Limited Time Offer}

Replacements Offered Until You Are Happy :-)

                                                            So don't wait ►Order NOW

★★ All orders come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!★★

Q: What exactly am I purchasing?

A: I will send you a complete list of domains that you can register yourself. Just copy them into your favorite registrar (namecheap.com is great) and get started!

Q: What do you need from me?

A: Just let me know which keywords or domain to use and I'll do the rest.

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