PBN Research, Setup and Management Service

SEO/PBN Creation
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PBN Research, Setup and Management Service

Premium PBN's researched, created, set up and ready for your use in 72 hours!

We are an SEO company’s that specializes in providing resources for SEO's, affiliates, local and national businesses.  We are offering a complete, hands-free, PBN research, purchase, setup and management service. Our sites will provide both the power(juice) and context(relevance) to help you dominate your competitors. This service is perfect for SEO Agencies and large multi-national companies looking to build their infrastructure, all the way to newbies looking to rank sites, it's also perfect for someone new to the SEO game, looking to get their first private blog network started.  

Each of our PBN sites meets the following minimum standards:

  • Premium Aged Domain
    • TF 15+
    • DA 15+
    • PA 15+
    • Referring Domains 5+ to 200
    • Backlinks 5+ to 200
  • Premium, Responsive Designs using WordPress Premium Themes
  • Domain Registration Fees
  • Free 12 Month Hosting
  • Complete PBN Setup
  • Standard compliment of plugins included. 
  • No Footprints
  • Passes Manual Review
  • Full Ownership of Domains and Website
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Google Index Guarantee
  • 6 Month Replacement Guarantee*
  • Content included in every PBN:
    • Privacy Policy - 250 words
    • Contact us -50 words
    • Abouts Us - 250 to 300 words
    • Initial Post - 350 to 400 words
    • Additional content, up to 800 words, to help with indexing and beef up content.  
We will host the site for free for the first 12 months, then you can move the site to your host or we can renew the subscription based on the number of sites you host.

*6-month guarantee-if through no fault of your own, you lose your PBN, we will replace your PBN at no charge to you.    

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