I will deliver expired domains for PBN with wikipedia links

SEO/PBN Creation
3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >

This is a cheap $20 service. Please dont ask for a custom domain name. You dont need domains related to your niche in order to build a PBN. Extensions sold are com, net and org

Wikipedia is the 7th most visited website, has a PR 9 and DA 100.
Having Wikipedia backlinks passing authority to your website could do wonders for your ranking.


What can I do with them once I have them?
You can 301 redirect to your website, you can upload your website on them or you can sell them to others for a higher price.

Do you also guarantee any metrics or other referring links?
The only thing I guarantee is that the domain has a backlink from Wikipedia.

Are these still indexed in Google?
No! Some of the domains are expired for years.
Once you register it it will be indexed back in a few days.

Have this domains been used before as PBNs?
No. I manually check each domain I send in archive.org

What kind of domains are these?
Most of them had quality websites that are used as reference in the Wikipedia articles.

How much this domain will cost me to register it?
$7-$12 depending what register you use. I prefer Godaddy.

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