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Why use a generic PBN backlinks service when you can have "laserfocused" POWERFUL NICHE RELATED PBN backlinks ?

*** Niche related PBN backlinks are 10x more powerful than generic PBN backlinks! ***
I will personally create a permanent backlink from a (DA 10+ / TF 10+) high authority Education
site within my own network. This powerful link alone can make a lot of difference if your onpage
SEO is done right.

8 Reasons why you should get your Education related backlinks from me:
1. Permanent link
2. 400 words unique article
3. ***BONUS 3
x PBN links per article to maintain the link juice & add link diversity
4. Link privacy or Spyder Spanker on every PBN prevent
competitors from sniffing out
your backlinks!
5. DO FOLLOW backlinks
6. Hosted on different AClass
IPs which
means it's on a totally different server for
each site to ensure no footprint. ( 10 x better than different CClass
IPs hosting!)
7. Relevant outbound links to high authority sites
8. Relevant YouTube video embed
Focus on what you're good at and let me handle the powerful link building for you. All of the
PBN are hosted on unique servers from all over the world. I DO NOT use SEO hosting or
anything that would leave a footprint. I personally use these PBN sites to rank my clients' site so
you can rest assured that I DO NOT cut corners when I build these links.

● All 3 links need to be from the same site (URL) Anchor
text can be different.
● The website must be written in English
● The website does not contain porn content

● The website does not contain gambling content

P.S: I also offer consulting services to help you with your onpageSEO and give you ideas on
how to improve what you have today together with these powerful PBN links that I provide. If
you're interested in taking your site's ranking to the next level, just shoot me a message and I'll
get back to you as soon as possible!

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