The Fundamental Links & Traffic: 40 Links Google Would Love To See

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Everyone need his/her site to looks natural infront of Google Spiders to start hitting PBN links and ranks... but most of them get penalised by Google.

Because they didn't build the backlinks right! They start hitting using PBN links, which works very well but after you built the fundemental links.

IF you wandering about the correctness of what I'm talking about...

Just Ask the Gurus such as Stephen Floyd, Gregory Ortiz, Kotton Grammer...

Today, We're here to handle all of that for you... Why?

To get more ranking and spend more time with your family.


Where is what you will get:

Links To Your Money Site:

  • 30 links from Authority Profiles with High Domain Authority
  • 10 links from Related Forum, which will bring you targeted traffic. (And This another factor will help your ranks)
  • 5 High Authority Social Profiles ( Contains Creation, Design & Optimization FOR:
    • Facebook Page 
    • Twitter Account
    • Pinterest Account
    • Google +
    • Youtube Channel )

Links To Tire 1:

  • 25 Web 2.0 blog posts To your Social Profiles
  • 100 Relevant blog comments TO your Forums Links (Drip Feeded)
  • 1,000 Links from web 2.0 sites TO your Authority Profiles (High DA)

Links To Tire 2:

  • 10,000 ScrapeBox Blog Comments TO Web 2.0 blog posts in Tire 1
  • 10,000 High Quality GSA Backlinks TO your web 2.0 sites in Tire 1 (Contains:
    • Article directories
    • Web directories
    • Forum profiles
    • Social bookmarks
    • Blog comments
    • Social networks
    • Wikis)

Keep in Mind:

  1. In the social profiles, We'll do social stacking, which will help you build very powerful ranking that stick on the first page of Google.
  2. We build those links in 3 phases and each one takes around 5 days. Because we're building something high authority.
  3. We'll get full report within 20 days from your order date.



Is there anyone penalized from the fundamental links by Google?

Gurus building those types of links, when they started working with any new domain for them or a customer. And If you asked them why those types of links first. They will answer to make our website looks natural infront of Google Spiders and prevent it from the penalization. So Now, Do you think there's anyone penalized from it?

What's the best use of anchor text for this service?

The best way to do it with amazing results to use URL, Brand, and random words (like read more, click here...) for the first tire. The second tire is using related keywords. And third tire by using exact match keyword and LSI keywords. And we already doing this.

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