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We are able to provide worldwide or country targeted app installs, (100% real) for a ridiculously cheap rate. The service applies to android and IOS apps only and can do wonders for your store rankings, reviews and ratings.

Our service is of the highest quality possible and we are so confident in the quality that we will guarantee that our service will results in: Increase in rankings + Increase in revenue + increase in reviews. Off course we can not commit to actual figures in terms of how many reviews and how much it will increase in revenue as this depends entirely on your app itself and how you have placed your ads.

All our installs are extremely high quality and high retention. These are real people who are interested in actually using your app. These are not fake installs and our service is 100% Whitehat so you have nothing to worry about.

This service is ideal for apps that need to gain popularity or that needs its popularity revived.

Rate for Worldwide/US/UK installs:

Android Installs

Per 2500 installs

$700 ($0.28 per install)

Per 5 000 installs

$1200 ($0.24 per install)

Per 10 000 installs 

$2000 ($0.20 per install)

IOS installs

Per 2500 installs

$925 ($0.37 per install)

Per 5000 installs

$1700($0.34 per install)

Per 10 000 installs

$3000 ($0.30 per install)

Our service comes with a full guarantee and our intention is to build a long term business relationship with All our clients.

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