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Keyword research is the life and death for any SEO. This is so important that it will be the difference between you making zero dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. Perfect this part of SEO and everything else is fine afterwards. 

However, there's more to it then you think. If you purchase this method I will share some tips and tricks that will allow you to do your keyword research better. You'll be able to find golden keywords that no one else is targeting. If you don't know already made a series of videos recommending to target foreign niches. This method will talk about that but won't be the primary focus of this method. 

Throw out long tail pro and market samurai. You won't need it. (They certainly help but it's not needed.) If you do what everyone else is doing then you will get the results of everyone else. Do it differently and you will get drastically different results. You'll learn an effective process to doing keyword research. No upsells. No software. Just manual research. 

Remember, keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO. You get that wrong and no matter how many links you build, social signals you send, and no matter how perfect your content is - YOU WILL NOT RANK. 

You'll learn how to find low competition keywords without using long tail pro or market samurai. You'll learn a hidden trick called the "suppression effect," which dramatically skews your keyword research. Because of this you miss out on loads of golden keywords that are ripe for the picking. 

You don't need to buy anything else if you get the keyword research done right. Nail that down and you have paved your way to the path of success. 

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