Best Google Website Indexer Software

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Best Google Website Indexer Software

Need your website indexed by Google in record time? This is precisely what you need. Get your site indexed in hours, not days, weeks or months!

The Google Site Indexer will automatically generate
custom urls and ping them for you instantly giving you all the feedback that you need to ensure you it's working.


The software is SUPER simple to use.

1. Just enter the url to the domain you wish to get indexed.

2. Enter a primary keyword

3. Hit START and let it run!

Whether you’re a blogger, internet guru or even a small business owner you’ll know that getting your new website indexed can be a frustrating and time consuming process. With Go ogle Site Indexer you’ll be able to get indexed within minutes and free up your time for doing better things. Check out these feature.

  • Create many high quality
    backlinks forcing Google to crawl your site

  • Each Back-link is
    automatically pinged to speed up indexing

  • Installs on any Windows Computer
    (XP or later) in minutes

  • Unlimited Use – Index as many
    sites as you like

  • Make money charging ‘site indexing fees’ to offline

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