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Why Our Service is the Best?

 I am based in New York and am a have studied proxies for over 8 years. My proxies are private and I will strictly avoid all gambling and adult sites because of this.

Avoid having your company advertised by a company overseas that uses shared proxies that can really harm your index on google I speak English and am from NYC and personally use my social signals to rank on google I indeed run my local SEO service in NYC that and part of the ranking factor is my method of delivering unique social signals with a drop-feed. 

Why is my price lower than others? I have my own method of providing quality signals and am not a middlemen
What we accept: Blog posts/blogspot links/Articles Website page/Subpages Youtube Video/any other video links Google play/ios apps links​ I accept a maximum of 1 link / URL 

The question remains open as to exactly how social media signals such as likes, tweets and +1s boost rankings. Google maintains that it does not directly use these signals as a ranking factor, but our data shows that a positive correlation between amount of social signals and rankings. Social signals remain important for brand awareness and help to drive organic traffic to top ranking sites.
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