Fantastic Tumblr Service! 30 expired tumblrs with PA 30+

3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >
3 days on average

Are you looking for recently expired tumblrs with high DA en PA to boost your rankings?

Get them here! Also pay attention to the extra's!

Attention! Recently expired Tumblr blogs with Page Authority are Amazing for SEO! Here's why:

  1. Page Authority - With PA at or above 30 you automatically have link juice!
  2. Moz Rank - MZ is similar to PR and it indicates the quality of incoming links!
  3. Domain Authority - Tumblr has a domain authority of 98 and Domain moz Trust of 8.37 - one of the most trustworthy domains on the net!
  4. Age - After recent updates ranking completely new subdomains became harder due to sand-boxing. These expired tumblrs usually a year or older and often have tons of pages indexed. 

So what will I provide you with this gig?

The basic gig includes 30 expired tumblr names you can registered yourself with a PA of at least 30.

If you want me to register them for you, set an avatar, do a post, check out my extra's.

These are expired Tumblr accounts that do not have any content on them so you can customize them to fit any niche you want.

***I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO BUY THE EXTRA TO HAVE THEM REGISTERED*** I check all of these moments before I complete the order to ensure availability.

So what do you need to do: buy this service, and use these Tumblr accounts to outrank your competition for whatever you want.

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