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Do you want to bring potential customers from the internet, you MUST focus on these 4 things...


Nearly 75% of people lose trust in brands with inaccurate business listings (that means wrong phone number, missing address, no link to your website, etc.) There are hundreds of sites you need to be listed on so make sure you’re not losing real money because of bad listings!


Most business don't have enough reviews, and often the ones they do have aren't saying good things!  Nearly 95% of potential customers make decisions based off a business' reviews! Snapshot Report will grade your reviews overall, and tell you if there's a need for some damage control


There are a lot of potential customers out there hanging out on social media. Your Snapshot Report will tell you what you can improve to gather up more customers from your social media profiles


Having an optimized website that allows people to locate you and contact you is crucial. See how your website ranks against your competitors, and what items can be improved.

A Snapshot Report will give your business a grade on everything from your listings to your website. It'll review your business' overall visibility on the web, tell you if it finds incorrect information about your business... (a wrong phone number, missing website, wrong or missing address, etc.), grade your social media presence, and show you how your reputation online ranks up against your competitors...

Please send me the following :

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