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SEO/PBN Creation
3 days estimated (7 days guaranteed) >

FORGET PBN, Build Your Own WEB2.0 Blogs Network RIGHT NOW!!!

What makes Webs Blogs Network [WBN] Different from Private Blogs Network[PBN]?

  • Low Investment required as compared to PBN investment.
  • Easy to Setup domains [EMD Domains Subdomains] as PBN hard to find Good expired domains.
  • It’s proven that WBN helps 40% Sites to get results as 75% sites get results which build PBN.
  • WBN Easy to maintain and manage Vs. PBN’s hard to Manage

What Website and PR you will get ???

What You Will Get ???

  • Permanent one way DO-Follow Backlink
  • Embedded Video put on post
  • Guaranteed Do-follow Anchor Text / Keywords
  • Unique Article Every times
  • Excel sheet Report after Completion of the work
  • Google panda, penguin and hummingbird Safe
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1) Is there any Bulk Order Discount?
Yes, contact us if you want to use our service for multiple sites.

2) Will I get accounts details?
We Provide accounts but we don’t provide helps to access them, as sometimes IP’s change blocks accounts access for users. Still we provide you live links & accounts details.

3) I want Google maps/YT Video Embed & need express Delivery?
Yes, We can put Google maps embed code/YouTube Video Embed [where allowed]/ Express Delivery but for extra charges.

4) How many unique domains are used?
About 30-50 unique domain

5) How safe are re-orders from your max purchase amount?
They are safe as articles are different for each re-orders.

6) How fast/slow can you dripfeed?
About 3-5 days drip feeding.

7) What is their alive rate?
Around 90+%.

8) Do we gain access to the blogs/websites?
Yes I will provide username and password to access but no guarantee or support.

9) How many URLs and Keywords are allowed?
Only 1 URL and up to 10 keywords. (If you need for more URLs contact us before ordering)

10) What is your normal Completion times??
Minimum Normal TAT is 3 days, while MAX is 1 week.

11) Are these manual or software made?
I can assure you quality equals to manual.

12) Are the articles legible? Do you write them or does someone else write them? Are they spun?
They are unique and copy scape pass 90+

13) I want to purchase certain number of blogs with indexing but there is no option ??
Simply select combination of our packages. Ex: Order 100 and 500 packages if you want 600 web2.0 blogs

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