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Are you in a situation where no matter how much you optimize your on page SEO your site’s rankings seem stagnant? 

Or regardless of the number of backlinks you built, your site does move up in rankings? 

If it is a Yes to above questions, do not worry I have a solution for you… 

.CO.UK Private Blog Network Links… 

The results speak for themselves…You can't fake traffic reports and ranking results...


PBN Links still work and no matter the next update Google releases, it will continue working for years and years. 

It is crazy how SEOs are taking full advantage of what can be considered one of the biggest and most impacts loopholes in the Google algorithm. 

If you are not building PBN links…you are stupid, sorry. Because they really work and can save you hundreds of dollars of investing on non-effective link building tactics. 

But here is a catch: It is very easy to take this piece of advice for granted and start flooding your sites with PBN links. The harsh truth is that not every PBN link work. 

Before I get into that, let me throw a little rant here:

I see tons of services here on SourceMarket that are very affordable. In fact too affordable to be true. I see people selling links for $3 or less each. 

That is even below the price of a 400-word unique article. 

Still, buyers expect results from those kind of links with spun-content which Google has disapproved for years, come on. 

Sorry, if you are looking for cheap and non-effective links that are going to get your site penalized, this service is not for you. 

My links might not be the cheapest in the marketplace but I can assure you they bring results. The links I sell are very likely to increase your site’s rankings to page 1 on Google. 

How long does it take to rank on Page 1? 

As long as you want. Now let us get right down to the metrics you will get from domains: 

  • .CO.UK Domains only
  • Contextual links are placed on the homepage forever and they never drop to inner pages (Link juice flows forever from day 1) 
  • Domain Authority >15 (One of the most important metrics that link sellers tend to overlook)
  • Maximum 25 Outbound Links (Some of my blogs do not even reach 15 outbound links) 
  • Page Authority >15 
  • Trust Flow >15 (Most link sellers can only do Trust Flow of 10 for the same price, it is steal) 
  • Citation Flow >15 Hosted on unique and different hosting companies. Sites are hosted by reliable hosting companies such as Softlayer, Digital Ocean, Namecheap, Godaddy. (Forget the $1-2/month with bad neighbourhood associated with spam, my sites are hosted on trustworthy hosting companies) 
  • All domains are blocked by bots using SpyderSpanker (You don’t want your competitors to see what links you are building once your site get to page 1) 
  • PBN sites are built on different and premium Wordpress themes. 
  • Sites come with About Page, Contact Page and Privacy Policy. Additional Plugins are installed such: Social Shares, Contact forms.
  • Articles within the site are linked internally to make our sites appear natural in the eyes of Google. 
  • All Articles have a perfect structure headings included and a relevant image. Here is where things get more excited. I provide a uniquely written article so that you don’t have to worry about finding the greatest content writer for this service. 

We have a team of writers who know exactly the structure and type of articles that work great for private blog networks. 

The interesting fact is that, we take a look at your site and write content tailor made for promoting your site just in case our articles outrank your branded keyword. 

If this is not understandable you don’t have to worry that much because we know what we do. 

Here is what you get in this service for being a sourcemarket member: 

  • 300-400 words article related to your niche 
  • 100% Unique 300-400 Word Article 
  • 100% Free of Plagiarism 
  • Niche Targeted Content 
  • 100% Complete Ownership Of Content Posted 

So what are our buyers saying about the free content we provide: 

Now here comes the infamous question that most potential buyers ask: 

"How Many Links Do I Need to Rank My Site on Page 1?"

I get this question a lot and the answer might surprise you, actually, there is no right answer to it. It can be 3, 4 or even 20. 

It really depends on your competition. What I suggest is check your top 3 competitors and see how many links they are getting. You can use MajesticSEO or Ahrefs.

But then again here comes another problem, you can’t see your competitors backlinks because more likely that not they using spyder blockers. 

There is no way tools like MajesticSEO or Ahrefs can show their backlinks. So, everything comes down to this one-word. TESTING. I can't reiterate this enough.

 I would suggest you start testing with 3-8 PBN links, check the extras below this service.

“3-8 PBN Links? Why not only 1 PBN link as your service initially suggests?”… 

Here is the deal, it is virtually impossible for you to rank on page 1 with one single PBN link. 

Even if you get that one backlink from Wikipedia Homepage. It does not work that way. 

You need to build enough links that Google does not associate it with an accidental backlink. 

You need 3-8 links for Google to acknowledge your site authority. Then what you need to do is wait for a week or two and see how much has your site jumped in rankings. 

So what you are basically doing is avoiding analytical assumptions and test the waters to see the ranking effects after the backlinks are built. 

By calibrating your backlinks efforts after the effects, you will easily figure out how many links your site needs to reach to top 1 (I wish I knew this earlier).

Now let us get down right to most frequently asked questions: 

1. How long does it take to rank my site on page 1? 

A: As long as you want. You can start seeing the effects of the PBN links in a week or two.

2. Are these links safe? 

A: If you are actively doing SEO on your sites, no matter the types of links you build, they carry a certain amount links. 

3. For how long does the contextual link stays in the homepage? 

A:The link is permanent and never falls down to inner pages. 

4. Do you send link reports? 

Yes. I send full reports of the backlinks built 

5. Can foreign sites benefit from this service? 

A: Yes, they surely can. In fact, foreign niches are 10X easier to rank because of low competition. However, the article will written in English, and the anchor text will be as you wish .

6. Do I get links from different sites when I order extras? 

A: Yes. If you order extras, you will get a link on a different domain for every PBN link. 


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I have spent many years learning and using SEO for my websites and clients sites. Can help you get your website noticed and build traffic and an audience. But things have changed in the SEO world so be sure to choose someone who uses current, safe and Google friendly techniques.