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  ★★★ AAA+ Quality PBN Domains First Time Arrived Here!   ★★★

Please note: There are some bugs in this system, so I will respond you very very quickly, blazing fast, usually less than 1 hour,  its show 8 days, its killed me OUCH !!!! LOL

Okay guys, no bullshits here, just straight to the point!! Not everyone can afford the damn high metrics domains to build their own PBNs, because these are too costly and risky for newbie!

So here I come! I provide the cheapest PBN domain but the highest quality in the whole market, am I boasting here? Noooooo, just don't take my words, take a look on my today fresh examples below. Shame on me!

Why my expired domains are 

the best bargins in the source market?

First the metrics are all like below:

  • PA 15+++
  • DA 10+++ (DA is not that important and can manipulate if you know)
  • TF 15+++ (most important)
  • CF 15+++
  • Ratio all in good stats!

Only These Metrics are average compare with others so can only suit your basic need huh??? NO WAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Not enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need take more precaution to make the domain you use on your PBN is damn clean and powerful if possible!

These expired domains Will also be:

✔ Fresh links are all clean NO SPAM links! (Important!!!)
✔ Historical links are all clean with NO Spam! (very Important!!!)
✔ Archive,org history has no sneaky things or used by other PBN before! (This is the most important most newbie ignored!)
✔ history has no weird things like archive one! (Not many people know this!! Important because you can find some weird records which archive can't!)
✔ Anchor texts must be all legit!!!! No drugs no such bad things, no high density keywords, brand keywords anchors sure are okay sometimes.
✔ Guarantee – if the domains don’t meet the words, I will replace you anytime, but actually, this is impossible! LOL, just to show my kindness here boys! Shame again!!!
✔ I can't guarantee the domains will be get Index or not, just because no one can guarantee this! If all things are clean, then 99% chance, it would be okayyyy!

Note: Yes you ask for niche specific domains, but I can't guarantee all of domains to be related, no one can guarantee this, and this is no need to do for build your PBN, if you know what I am saying here! I will check my stock or even looking for fresh ones to suits your needs!!!!

If you still have some questions need I clear, feel free to come at me anytime!!!!!!!! You will amazed at my rocket response speed!

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sure, we can do a refund if domains are not suit your needs, but i bet there is no such thing would be happen LOL, thrill at my domains!!

Hello, I'm ThomasGagai . I'm a undergraduate student in it field. I'm expert in SEO, I can build high quality backlinks,EDU GOV links and any SEO work. If you have any problem with my services please send me a message...!! thank you.