DAS Link Pyramid Blast (Domain Authority Stacking Powered by Link Pyramid)

14 days estimated (18 days guaranteed) >
13 days on average

Promotional Price for a Limited Time!! 

Instead of the service being $59.99 for a limited time to promote this service on source market we will be selling this service for only $49.oo

Do I receive a report of the links and social properties?

YES, you will get a complete report on excel spreadsheets listing all the URLs for each blog, or comment, or web 2.0  or social properties for each tier

Can this service be used on Foreign Sites?

Yes, it doesn't matter which language or what country your site is from this service will work all the same!

Is there any chance of getting penalized by Google?

No, there are 2 levels of filters on this system, Tier 2 has web 2.0 and other high pr blog posts which adds as a buffer, but then there are the high D.A social posts which also add as a buffer, plus there are only ever 3 actual links pointing to your money site and they are coming from a twitter post, a Pinterest pin and a G+post.

Who needs a DAS Link Pyramid boost?

  • Do you have a brand new website and are just getting started with doing SEO for it?
  • Have you been stuck on page 2-3 for your best keywords and just can’t get it to move?
  • Have you established top rankings and want to cement your spot from competitor takedown?
  • Want to get your social Profiles on Page 1?
  • Want to improve your maps listing?
  • Want to rank your Youtube video?

Then this service is for you.

What I will Require From You to Proceed:

I Require the target URL & up to 10 Keywords. After that just leave the rest to me.

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Refund Rate

Once the Links have been built and the process finished there will be no refunds from that point. A Refund will only be given if the order is cancelled before the link building process has begun.