Get Six 600 word PBN Articles for $16 = Less than $2.7 for EACH 600 Word Article

SEO/PBN Creation
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PBNs are being used widely these days. Because of this they are being targeted by Google especially the ones with poor quality content.
Fact is, the better quality of the content you have on your website - even if it is a PBN - the better your chances of not getting your sites deindexed and penalized.
I have been producing this type of content mainly for myself and then I eventually helped out some of my close colleagues in the SEO industry who wanted to improve the content of their sites.
With this Gig you will get:

Six 600 word articles on the topics that you desire. (we haven't been in a situation where we have to reject any topics as yet).

- You will get a video embed code from YouTube to put in your blog so that each blog post can get crawled and indexed quickly by Google to start passing link juice from your PBNs to your money site.

- Initially I took orders for this service through Paypal. However I want buyers to be less hesitant by ordering on a more trusted platform 

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I am a business man at heart who loves to work on all aspects of internet marketing especially customer acquisition. I am an avid reader of many top marketing blogs and as such I have a wide knowledge base to help me develop excellent articles in various niches.