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Hey search engine jedi master!

My name is Mark Daoud and I'm here to help you succeed in ranking websites. When buying, you are purchasing one domain url that you can register with on any registrar you wish, including Godaddy or Namecheap. All domains are thoroughly checked before sending them to you, with a zero spam tolerance policy.

Foreign language domains currently are buy 1 get 1 free

Here are the metrics:

10-25 TF / 10-35 CF

15-30 DA

10+ referring domains

But wait, there's more!

I'm offering you a half cut of all referring customers you bring to this page through the promote button link. That's fifty percent of all business you bring to me going straight into your pocket.

Price goes up as soon!

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The buyer must immediately register the domains purchased within 24 hours of receiving them, and if the domain is already taken within that time period we will send the buyer a replacement, otherwise there are no refunds. Please let us know within 48 hours if the domain bought does not meet the minimum metrics as advertised, and we will send a replacement right away. You acknowledge that the services Mark Daoud is providing to you are not tangible physical products but intangible services for your business website to optimize for the search result rankings. You also acknowledge that any payment of services is an acknowledgement of services received. This is not a contract, though when clicking on the purchase button you acknowledge this refund policy above.