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I will submit your professional press release to Google News. Your release must be a business release, meaning NO topics about gambling, drugs, sexual health, dating, luxury items, torrents or medical procedures.

I accept ENGLISH press releases only

You must provide the press release - I do NOT write it (except if ordered)
If you want to add an image, add 15 $ (extra)

I can only accept serious news that match Google's quality guidelines, as I guarantee inclusion in Google News. I don't offer any other services with this gig. It's that simple.

Your press release must include:

Press Release Body
Contact Details (Media Contact, Email Address, Website)

You can add up to three web links below your press release. They must be at the bottom like:

Related Links:
+ Up to three links go here

Anchor text references within the press release text are NOT supported due to editorial guidelines, they would hurt your site and not count as back links anyways, but the related ones DO count.

I recommend adding an image to your press release as it might catch the readers attention. If doing so, add 15$ to your order, as I pay myself for this.

If unsure about  anything, ask before placing an order.

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