Best Source Machine Blast 200 Links (Rec: By Gregory Ortiz & Alex Becker)

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7 days on average

Want to know why this is the BEST SOURCE MACHINE BLAST AVAILABLE?

This is an example report you will get from me:

This is what the other sellers give you for $2 more than I am asking

Pretty easy decision isn't it?

I have been selling Syndwire blasts for over a year for 1 simple reason. I know how powerful it is. I have seen it instantly rank videos, boost sites and web 2.0, power up PBNs and more. Judging by the 700+ happy customers I have had I think I am not the only one that feels that way. I thought it was the most powerful tool for SEO ever made... until I found Source Machine.

In testing Source Machine I was able to rank nearly 30 videos on page #1 of Google in one day with a single Source Machine blast each, that's something I have never done with Syndwire.

I am going to give you an opportunity to take advantage of the power of Source Machine just like I did with Syndwire for so many people.

Since I am still getting a feel for Source Machine I feel it is only fair I offer these blasts at a cheap introductory price. As I get more comfortable and the demand rises taking away more of my time I am going to have to raise the price so I suggest you take advantage of this bargain while you can.

This Blast Includes:

Between 200+ Total Posts to networks such as:

  • Bitly
  • Blogger
  • Delicious
  • Instapaper
  • LiveJournal
  • Pocket
  • Tumblr
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

And many more!

This can be used for a Video, A Site, A social property, a Web 2.0 or anything else!

It also includes a full report of all properties that had successful posts made to them

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Also please keep in mind that Source Machine is still very new and it is possible there will be some glitches in the way things look at first... I will do my best to make sure you are happy with the results but some things are going to be beyond my control so please exercise understanding. Again if you have any questions please inquire.

The report provided gives links to the account it is posted on, not to the post itself. That is an extra provided below, if you do not buy the extra it is your responsibility to find the exact posts if you want them. You acknowledge that you understand this when you purchase this service.


Please note that there are no refunds provided for any reason once the sale is made so be sure that you know what you want before placing your order and ask any questions you have before you order. This policy is 100% firm so please do not ask,

While this technique has been powerful in increasing rankings I do not control Google or any other search engine and am not responsible for any ranking increase, decrease, or lack of movement. You are paying for a service with a set of steps and should base your feedback on that, not on any result in ranking, traffic, or anything else.

This gig is to help with SEO ranking in search engines. You will not see an increase in traffic because of this service unless it is a result in traffic from Google. If you are looking for a direct increase in traffic do not purchase this service.

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2 months ago
Awesome service as always. He knows his stuff and it shows with his gigs.
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
Well done! Thanks for your service.
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2 months ago
I reached out to the seller because there was no movement in my video's rank after using service and giving it two weeks to monitor results. I've ranked other videos on YouTube in niches with similar competition, so I know what to expect. Wasn't too upset about the ranking, didn't expect much from this service to begin with. The poor communication is what bothered me. Seller ignored my message. Overly aggressive response when I finally received a message back from him. He'll likely attempt to discredit me in response to this review... Oh well, felt it was necessary to put this response out there.
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2 months ago
Here is the conversation. From my inbox, weeks after his order. Decide for yourself.

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9:21 PM Dec 11, 2016
What communication? Did you have a question? Because all I see is a statement about a video not ranking without any context... did you order from me? I have hundreds of orders at a time so I am going to need more specifics... and have it be a question I can answer, not a statement about some video.Did you buy something? What did you buy? A source machine blast? What other steps have you taken etc...
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9:21 PM Dec 11, 2016
Appreciate the communication, will note in review
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12:00 AM Dec 07, 2016
Haven't noticed any movement in the YouTube video, it's in the exact same spot on Page 2. Very catchy video - the duration of views is good....
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
Great work, will use again.
Thumb consultant seo paris
3 months ago
Order delivered on time. Let's see the results in the SERP now ;) Thx
Thumb smilegolfball
3 months ago
Thanks good job !
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3 months ago
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