I will hold your message on video in reverse

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out my gig!

This is what iv got to offer;


For $10 i will:

Send you a fun 20-30 sec VIDEO (in Full HD - 1080p, shot with Canon 700D DSLR camera) of me tearing up a handwritten sign in reverse. Just like in the example above

  • Plain white background
  • Brown short dress
  • One outfit and one sign per gig!


  • You choose the music - extra $5
  • You choose the outfit (ask for examples) -extra $10
  • Print your sign (B&W only) -extra $10
  • Wear shorts - extra $40
  •  Wear a mini skirt with a bikini TOP-extra $40
    (shorts and bikini can not be ordered together)
  • Fast delivery(48 hrs)-extra $20

  • If you have any other requirements, please message me to discuss price and details.

I do not:

*Support animal cruelty in Food, Clothing, Sports or Recreation

Product, msg/advert Must be Vegan friendly-ask if unsure

* Do Nudity, Lingerie,"overly" sexy or ANYTHING that has to do with adult related work.

If you order before agreement & the order goes against my morals, i will feel free to cancel no matter how it will affect my rating!

My work is copyrighted & action will be taken if  used in non vegan or adult content

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