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What are you waiting for? Place your order and see just how awesome keyword research can be.

delivery or your money back!!!* Where else do you get such an awesome keyword research service for only $5.

Are you sick and tired of keywords that just don’t work for your business? Fed up with buying keyword research packages from sellers who take days, sometimes even more than a week to deliver?

Take the guess work out of finding highly lucrative long tail keywords and save yourself from paying for software … why do it yourself when I can take away the guesswork for you?

Ideal for:

·       Adsense

·       Amazon

·       Clickbank

·       Local SEO

·       Any situation where you need quality long tail keywords

You’ll get an Excel/spreadsheet report containing all the found long tails, global search volume, and local search volume if you specify a particular location.

I will also provide any low volume long tails that may have no search volume data, but which could still help you rank & bank! 

Depending on your seed keyword(s) you could get 1000+ long tails to target. And all for the super low price of $5 with GUARANTEED

One order gets you long tails for up to 3 seed keywords.

Need more keywords analysed? Order multiple gigs e.g. 5 gigs for 15 seed keywords.

This has got to be the BEST VALUE keyword research gig on Source Market.

Want SEO competition analysis & additional data? Check out the add-on extras.

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3 years experience in internet marketing and seo. We are eager to help. If you have a question just ask. We are here to be the answer for those still in the struggle. SeoPrepper is the solution you are looking for. We are excited for those ordering our services and info. Again just ask anything.